Brennan Lee Mulligan Net Worth

Aside from his day job, Brennan Lee Mulligan is a bona fide entrepreneur. In fact, his net worth has climbed to more than $3 million, courtesy of his various businesses and interests. This includes a multi-million dollar clothing line (the largest in the world to date), an upscale wine bar (so named because it’s owned by a wine snob), a golf course, and an aristocracy akin to that of a celebrity CEO.

Aside from his many business ventures, Brennan Lee Mulligan has an uncanny knack for picking the best of the best when it comes to talent. One of his aforementioned colleagues was comedian Zach Braff, who has gone on to make a name for himself in television, film, and most notably the web. As a sideliner, Brennan is also an actor, having landed a role in the Netflix original series Bev, and a supporting role in the comedy Upton Abbey. He has also shown off his talent on the small screen, with appearances on Who wants to be a Millionaire and in the short-lived CBS series Mythbusters.

One of the most impressive feats is his ability to pull off one of the most coveted jobs in showbiz: he made the list of the elusive top performers at the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre. Other notable highlights include his appearance in the aforementioned Upton Abbey, his recurring role in the ill-fated TV show Fallen for You, and his upcoming role as the titular protagonist of a new web series. When asked about his upcoming projects, he replied, “We aren’t going to talk about what we have done in the past, because we’ll be talking about what we’re doing in the future.” Having said that, he does have a few projects in the pipeline, including a webseries for HBO, a feature film, and a couple of short films. If all goes according to plan, he’ll be putting his skills to work in a variety of entertainment industries by the time he’s finished college. So far, the most prestigious gig has been his role as the game master on the hit webseries Dimension 20. The aforementioned gamemaster is a role that Brennan has been in the habit of taking a break from, at least on the weekends. However, he still finds time to check out the occasional movie or visit the theater.