Brent Bushnell Net Worth – How Much Is Brent Bushnell Worth?

Brent Bushnell is a businessman, entrepreneur, and an expert in experiential engagement. He has worked in many different industries, but has become known for his role as the CEO of Two Bit Circus, an experiential entertainment company in Los Angeles. Aside from running Two Bit Circus, he is also co-founder of Synn Labs, a creative studio that specializes in the creation of viral music videos and stunts for brands.

Before working at Two Bit Circus, Bushnell spent a couple years working as an electrical engineer. He also studied Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. After completing his degree, he worked for a few companies, including a company that provided haptic feedback for live events.

In addition to working at Two Bit Circus, Bushnell is a board member of the nonprofit Trash For Teaching, which upcycles clean corporate waste into school art supplies. The organization’s flagship program is the STEAM Carnival, a series of workshops that inspire invention. As an entrepreneur, Bushnell has helped build a network of permanent micro-amusement parks, which are small theme parks with attractions based around the latest technology.

Before starting at Two Bit Circus, Bushnell worked for a company that used 360 video production pipelines to create viral videos. His team also created stunts for brands such as Google. Since then, his company has grown into an experience-based company. These experiences include live events, virtual reality content, and haptic feedback.

In addition to being a CEO, Brent Bushnell is also a board member at the nonprofit Trash For Teaching. With his company, he hopes to bring the latest technology to the masses. By leveraging the trend of experiential entertainment, he has launched a new “social currency” – Life. Through this platform, he hopes to inspire people to live more fully.

One of his first jobs was as an intern at Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza-Time Theaters. He has also been involved with other companies, such as uWink, a digital entertainment company.

Bushnell has been involved in several television shows, such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. He has been a contributor for the Incubator School, and has also written a few books. His most recent book is titled Is There Still Sex in the City? – and it was adapted into an HBO TV show with Brooke Shields.

Bushnell’s father is Nolan Bushnell, a founding father of video gaming. During his career, he has been named one of Newsweek magazine’s 50 Men Who Changed America.

Although there are still a lot of unknown facts about the personal life of Brent Bushnell, it is safe to assume that he has a very comfortable net worth. Despite his success, he has also had his share of ups and downs. In addition to being married to Maggie Grace, he has also been involved with other relationships, such as the one with former Lost star Matthew Cooke.

As of December 2022, Lauren Bushnell’s net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million. She is currently living in Nashville, Tennessee.