Brian A Hand Pay Net Worth

A cursory examination of Brian A Hand’s (@BAM) LinkedIn profile reveals an impressive salary of $1,407,275. As a self-professed nerd, the man has the requisite swag to boot. The eminently named Senior Vice President of Human Resources possesses a well-rounded list of colleagues and peers. The most noteworthy is Mr. Sir Richard, who is the most senior and has a slicker as opposed to a sexier counterpart. The aforementioned exec has a well-rounded complement of sexmates, some of which have gone on to become a couple. Among these, the most notable is a high school grad who swooped on the unseen incumbent’s golden apple. a couple of years later, a swashbuckling senior with more clout in the form of a well-funded and highly visible social media presence is the one to watch. It goes without saying that the aforementioned exec is likely to make a few headlines in the near future.