Brian Kolfage Net Worth – How Much Is Brian Kolfage Worth?

Brian Kolfage is an American military veteran who is married to Asley Kolfage, and they have two children together. They have both been featured on Maxim Magazine’s cover. Their home is in Miramar Beach, Florida. In addition to this, they have both become professional models.

While in the United States Air Force, Kolfage served in Iraq. He was wounded in the Balad province in September 2004. The explosion of a 107-mm enemy rocket caused severe injuries to Kolfage, which included a collapsed lung and multiple amputations of his right hand and legs. He spent three weeks in the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center before recovering. Later, he was redeployed to Kuwait. After undergoing a series of surgeries, he was released from the hospital.

After the incident, Kolfage reportedly began a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe. With the help of these donations, he raised more than $25 million. However, he faced a number of accusations of fraud. During one of his fundraisers, he allegedly pocketed $20,000 a month. Some of the money he allegedly received was used for cosmetic surgery, personal tax payments and a luxury SUV.

In 2018, Kolfage was banned from Facebook. However, he continued to defiantly post content on social media platforms such as Gettr. This posture has been criticized by many, including former President Barack Obama, who said it was un-American and a violation of privacy. At the time of this publication, he had posted 194 pictures on his Instagram page.

Kolfage’s early life was kept fairly quiet, but he has now revealed a number of details about his childhood. He graduated from Angelo State University with a bachelor’s degree in education. But, he has not spoken openly about his early career, nor about his vocation income.

Upon returning to the United States, he met his wife, Ashley. She was a student at Angelo State University as well. Both attended Centra High School in San Angelo. The couple first became friends. They were married in 2000, and they have two children together. Since then, they have moved to Florida and have been living in the same house.

Kolfage’s career has been fairly successful, with him becoming a successful entrepreneur and model. As of late, he has founded an organization called We Build the Wall. Its goal is to build a privately funded border wall between Mexico and the United States. The group raised money to do this, and allegedly Kolfage used a portion of the funds for home renovations. According to the story published on the Gateway Pundit, he was credited with building more of a border wall than Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Kolfage is now serving a prison term. Last week, his wife announced that they were selling their Range Rover. Although it’s unclear whether the money will be used for their own financial needs, they still have a significant amount to lose, according to reports.

Before joining the Air Force, Kolfage was an actor. He worked on movies such as X-Men: The Last Stand, as well as others. Besides acting, he also holds a bachelor’s degree in education.