Brian Panish Net Worth

Brian Panish is a well-known attorney. He has a large net worth, which comes from his many lawsuits. In fact, he has won hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients. Several of these are high-profile cases.

He has been involved in several notable cases, including a $4.9 billion jury verdict against General Motors, and a $39.5 million settlement for a California State University student. One of his biggest cases was the one he won in Los Angeles County, the first such case to be held there since March 2020.

Currently, he is a partner at the law firm, Panish Shea Boyle. He is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, the American College of Trial Lawyers, and the Inner Circle of Advocates. His professional interests include wrongful death and defective product cases.

Brian Panish was born in Brooklyn, New York. As a youngster, he grew up with a father who was strict. He wished to be an NFL quarterback, but decided against it because he thought it would be too difficult. After earning his bachelor’s degree, he went on to get a law degree from Southwestern Law School. Then, he began working at a clothing retailer.

While he was working there, he realized he was good at managing other people. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles and worked for a law firm. At this firm, he was responsible for a case that won $27 million for the client. Although he had his sights set on becoming a football player, he settled for a career in the law.

Among his many awards and accolades, he was the recipient of the Athletic Directors Award. He also earned an honorary doctorate of laws from Southwestern Law School. Another major accomplishment was winning a lawsuit against the Michael Jackson estate. This lawsuit was related to a concert promoter who hired a guilty involuntary manslaughter doctor to kill the singer.

Other high-profile cases in which he has been involved include the train crash in Porter Ranch, the Aliso Canyon Gas Blowdown, and the Asians Flight 261 crash. Despite the shutdown of the courts during these events, Panish was able to win several important cases.

He has been named to the Best Lawyers in Los Angeles list for 2022. Some of his other honors are the West Trailblazer award from the American Lawyer, the Titan of Plaintiff’s Bar title from Law 360, and the best lawyer in the Los Angeles area in the Los Angeles Business Journal’s top 100 lawyers list.

Despite his successes, he has been known to be a rather elusive person. Although he is famous in the legal profession, he is very private and rarely speaks about his personal life. Nevertheless, he is married to Rosie, who is an attorney. They have three children together. Apparently, they are happy with their lives.

Throughout his professional career, he has helped make the world a better place. From his success in bringing to light the most important court cases to his advocacy of more jury trials, he has made a mark in the legal community.