Brianna Madia Net Worth – How Much Is Brianna Madia Worth?

Brianna Madia is a celebrity nonfiction author and Instagram personality. Her book Nowhere For Very Long is a New York Times Best Seller. In this book she reflected on her unconventional approach to life. She traveled around the country in a big orange van named Bertha, and learned a few things about life along the way.

The Madia family is well known for their life on the road. They travel in a 1990 Ford E-350 van, which is retrofitted for daily living. They also own two dogs, Bucket and Dagwood. Their lives are a series of dusty back roads and slot canyons. This has boosted their Instagram profile to a total of 245,000 followers. There are some who have even speculated that Bri’s IG has become Willie’s ad.

One of the most exciting parts of Madia’s book is the story she tells about her pet, a beagle named Bucket. Not only was she the proud owner of a beagle named Bucket, but she also acquired some land in the Moab desert. These adventures are a must see, especially if you love animals. It may also prove to be an inspiration for the reader’s own pet.

Madia is a talented writer, and her stories are well written and well worth reading. Aside from her memoir, she’s penned a couple of books about her life in the van. Her next project is a fictional biography about a young woman named Libby, who, like her, was forced to leave her home to find work. This book will be released in May. However, Madia is scheduled to appear at Back of Beyond Books on April 15 for a book signing. She’s also scheduled to speak at the TEDx conference.

While the Madia family’s life on the road isn’t exactly traditional, it is certainly unique and entertaining. It is a testament to the power of Instagram that she has amassed a large number of followers. And she certainly isn’t the only social media star to come from the West. You can follow the rest of the Madia family on Facebook and Instagram.

While there are a few other celebs with an Instagram account, Brianna Madia has definitely dominated the space, particularly her aptly titled briannamadia. Although her posts might not be as well written as those of the hollywood types, she does put out some of the sexiest photos of her dogs. Her followers can also see her latest travels, which she describes as “the best and the worst.” So far, she has spent most of her life on the road, but she is already looking into a home renovation in the not too distant future. If you are interested in learning more about her life, check out her Instagram and Facebook page. You might just find a new favorite friend. With that said, Brianna Madia’s net worth is estimated to be about $1 million.