Bridget Bahl Net Worth

The name Bridget Bahl will conjure up images of a well put together, fashion conscious woman. But what makes this lady unique? What has earned her a cult following? And how much is she worth in the grand scheme of things?

Although she is best known for her blog ANDIWASLIKE, Bridget is no stranger to the fashion industry. She has worked for Vogue and Yves Saint Laurent, two of the world’s best known fashion labels. Her career began in the late ’90s. It was during this time that she began blogging on her travels, including trips to Singapore, New Zealand, and Morocco.

It was during this time she also became a freelance assistant for Vogue. This, paired with her love of all things fashion, led her to embark on a successful career in social media, where she became one of the world’s most popular Instagrammers, with a following of nearly 5 million followers. In addition to her Instagram feed, she has also started a clothing line. These efforts have helped boost her net worth, which is currently pegged at a modest $5 million.

Unlike most bloggers, her life is relatively free of scandal. Not much is known about her personal life, other than the fact that she is very protective of her privacy. For example, she has never revealed that she was married or has a child. That said, the media reports that she has had one affair in the past. With her penchant for revealing little about her life, it is hard to judge her fidelity. Nevertheless, she does have an incredibly active Twitter presence, where she is constantly tweeting about all things fashion. Moreover, her Instagram feed is well curated. Despite the fact that she has never publicly revealed her identity, Bridget is definitely a person to watch out for.