Britni Ricard Net Worth – How Did She Get Into the Beauty Business?

When Britni Ricard was just twenty years old, she decided to get into the beauty business and start her own skincare line. This would later be known as COTA Skin. Although she was just starting out, she was already making her first million dollars. She has plans to expand her business in the future and make COTA an international luxury brand.

In two short years, Britni started a skin care line that has grown to be an extremely successful business. In fact, every quarter, COTA Skin turns over 1.8 million dollars. However, before she was even able to see this money come in, she had to first pay off her student loans. And then she had to go to the library and learn how to set up a limited liability company (LLC) to fund her business.

When she was first starting out, Britni had no knowledge of the skincare industry and had no access to a personal computer. That’s when she made the decision to quit her job and pursue her dream of starting her own business. By doing so, she was able to use tax dollars to teach herself the skills she needed to succeed. Once she had gained the experience she wanted, she took her passion to the next level. As a result, she launched COTA in honor of her late brother, Cota.