Brock Sellards Net Worth

A tour de force in the motocross world, Brock Sellards is a true genralist in the best sense of the word. A self-declared maniac, he is currently in training as a part time instructor and full time racer. He is a consummate family man, father of two and all around good guy. His net worth is estimated to be in the hundreds. In the past, he was a fixture in the 125 motocross arena, but in recent years has made the jump to Arenacross racing, where he has won a number of top level trophies. On the other side of the fence, Sellards has enjoyed a long and lucrative career in the motocross pits, racking up hundreds of wins in the process. Amongst his many accomplishments, he has amassed the requisite credentials, such as a two time National motocross champion and a National motocross record breaker.