Bruce Zoldan Net Worth

Bruce Zoldan is a successful businessman who has become a popular figure in the media. He has become one of the most recognized celebrities in the world. With his achievements, he has been able to inspire millions of people around the world.

Born in the United States of America, Zoldan was raised in a family of modest means. When he was fifteen years old, he decided to sell fireworks. This was not legal at the time, but he made a profitable amount. By doing so, he was able to pay for his college education.

Later, he joined a business specializing in clothes. However, he wanted to go into a more demanding field. He knew he had the skills to succeed as an executive assistant. That is when he began to use his managerial expertise.

In addition to his work in the apparel industry, Zoldan became an entrepreneur. His companies are now earning enough money to fund a car for him and his sister. As a philanthropist, he is helping disadvantaged youth. One of his charitable efforts is the Bruce J. and Rori H. Zoldan Foundation.

A renowned American entrepreneur, Zoldan was born in Youngstown, Ohio. At the age of fifteen, he worked in the back of his mother’s car selling firecrackers. It was not legal to sell fireworks in that area, so he sold them for his friends and family. Using his profits, he was able to buy his first car.

As a businessman, he is a founder of B.J. Alan Company, which is the parent company of Phantom Fireworks. Phantom Fireworks is the largest retail store distributor of consumer fireworks in the United States. The company has retail stores in 16 states. They have also exported to 47 countries.

He is currently the CEO of Phantom Fireworks and is also the vice president of B.J. Alan Group. He is married to Rori H. Zoldan, who is a psychologist and a former employee of an organization that works with mentally ill children in Israel. Both Zoldan and his wife have a degree in psychology. Their relationship has been long and strong.

Bruce Zoldan is a good looking man with a strong personality. He has a healthy weight. He has a strong body build and is tall. If you want to contact him, you can send him an email or tweet.

Bruce Zoldan has earned a lot of prestigious awards. He has also gotten a number of good grades in various academic institutions. Since his childhood, he has been able to establish a strong bond with his siblings. He has a wide network of fans and supporters throughout the world.

He has received a lot of epochal prizes from different presidents. He has also been a major partner in Barry Irwin’s Team Valor International syndicate. He has also been a major sponsor of the President’s Inaugural Fund. And he has also been a major contributor to the Clinton and Obama Presidential campaigns.