Bubbly Blaster Net Worth

Inventors Stanson Strong and Brad Hall launched their Champagne gun that can easily be attached to any bottle of bubbly, allowing users to fire it out like water guns for an enjoyable celebration. The idea came to the pair when they were celebrating for their friends and started spraying champagne around, but realized that the effect didn’t last long. This prompted them to develop their invention.

The duo’s hard work paid off as they developed a cult following on social media before being invited to pitch their unique invention on the NBC show “Shark Tank” in January 2021. The duo requested $120,000 in investment in exchange for a 20% stake of their company. The Sharks were impressed with the pair’s presentation, with Guest Shark Alex Rodriguez investing $180,000 for a 30% stake in the company.

As a result of their impressive Shark Tank debut, the Champagne gun has become a popular gift for celebratory occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and New Year’s Eve. Currently, the product is available in a variety of online stores and retailers including Amazon, where it has risen to the top of the Best Sellers list. The product has been a hit with fans worldwide, and the creators have even released a limited edition set of bubbly-themed caps to celebrate its popularity.

In addition to the Champagne gun, the makers have also designed accessories that can be used with it to enhance user experience and make it more fun. One accessory is a GoPro-compatible video mount, which allows users to record their wild adventures with the device first-hand and keep the memories for the rest of their lives. Other accessories include extra ports for nozzle attachments, universal Phone Cradles, and more, all of which are designed to make enjoying the Champagne gun more convenient and easier.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the creators have also added a feature to their product that can help with social distancing, enabling users to enjoy Champagne while maintaining a safe distance from others. The blaster can be used to spray champagne up to 30 feet, making it a great way for people to celebrate and enjoy a special event without having to worry about getting sick from too much contact.

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Despite the challenges that they have faced, Bubbly Blaster remains in business and continues to ship their products globally. The company has also been working on some other projects, including Sonu Sleep, a mattress that is aimed at improving the way people sleep. The company’s future is still uncertain, but it is expected to return soon with another exciting invention that will revolutionize the way people live their lives.