Cassandra Feuerstein Net Worth – How Much Is Cassandra Feuerstein Worth?

Cassandra Feuerstein is a citizen of the United States who was arrested in the city of Chicago in April 2013. She was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and her arrest led to a civil rights lawsuit against the Skokie Police Department.

According to her attorney, Torreya Hamilton, the Skokie Police Department is guilty of violating Cassandra’s civil rights. According to the lawsuit, the police department violated her rights by committing excessive force on her and resulting in her suffering injury.

In the video, Cassandra is seen hitting her face against the concrete bench of the holding cell. Her face was broken and bruised, and she was bleeding profusely. During the incident, her enamel had come loose and was unfastened, and she had several missing teeth. The police officer, Michael Hart, pushed Cassandra into the cell, which allegedly caused her to fall into the concrete bench headfirst.

Cassandra was held in the holding cell for a brief period of time, where she was asked to call her husband and children. It is unclear whether or not she responded to these requests. However, she was later placed in a separate room and allowed to speak to her lawyer. When her lawyer, Torreya Hamilton, arrived at the scene, she found a swollen and bruised Cassandra.

A short while after the incident, the Skokie Police Department settled the civil rights lawsuit. The town awarded Cassandra $875,000 in compensation. Afterwards, Cassandra went through reconstructive surgery, and received a titanium plate in her cheek. At the same time, she suffered nerve damage and a host of other injuries.

One of the police officers involved in the incident, Officer Michael Hart, has been charged with official misconduct. He was also arrested on charges of felony aggravated violence, resisting arrest, and pushing a woman. Ultimately, Hart pled guilty to a few of the offenses and was given probation and no jail time.

In the meantime, the videos of the arrest and injury have circulated around the internet, with sources confirming that the footage of the incident is authentic. Pictures of the injuries have been shared on social media as well. This has increased the popularity of the case and helped it gain more attention.

Cassandra has not revealed her net worth, but she has been successful in obtaining a settlement from the city of Chicago. In addition, she has been awarded a $875,000 settlement from the Skokie Police Department and has been compensated for her time in custody. She has also undergone facial reconstruction surgery and is now experiencing eye problems.

Cassandra has not yet provided an updated list of her assets, but her attorney says she has an estimated net worth of less than $1 million. Her lawyer has aided in the public release of police surveillance video of her arrest and injury.

Cassandra’s attorney claims that her lawsuit is based on an excessive use of force by the Skokie police department. They allege that the arrest was improper and that the officers were not adequately trained.