Certifikid Net Worth 2021

Certifikid is a website that is similar to Groupon. The company offers discounts for families to participate in a wide range of fun activities and events. This includes birthday party packages, family travel, and children’s hobbies. These offers are curated by parents in local communities. Currently, Certifikid has a membership of more than 3 million members. It is also available in more than 10 major metropolitan areas in North America.

Certifikid is run by its founder, Jamie Ratner, and her husband, Brian Ratner. Both of them were in the marketing field before founding their company. As a result, they have experience working with a wide variety of businesses. However, they wanted to start a website that would help families save money. They started a blog, but it became so popular that they decided to create a full-fledged organization.

After establishing the company, Brian and Jamie began to receive requests from various businesses across the country. In order to expand their business, they sought a significant investment. Their request went on to earn them a substantial amount of money. Specifically, they contacted Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary.

When the pair appeared on Shark Tank, they were able to secure an investment. O’Leary gave them 19 percent of the company’s stock for $600,000. According to the show’s website, he has an estimated net worth of $4 million. He is known for his expertise in marketing.

The investment from Shark Tank was one of five of the largest investments in ten seasons of the show. He was invited to appear on ABC’s The View to promote his business, and the couple was able to gain valuable connections with the network’s larger group.

Since the appearance on the show, Certifikid has increased its sales. Parents have found the site to be a reliable source of deals. Many moms who use the service return for additional purchases. Additionally, the company is also growing its online presence. Almost daily, Certifikid sends out updates to its followers.

Certifikid is a successful and popular company that has earned millions of dollars since it began. Founded by Jamie Ratner and her husband, the company has accumulated more than $30 million in deals over the last six years. Despite the success, the company is still in need of more funding to expand. While a number of people were impressed with the business, they wanted to negotiate a lower equity share. That was one of the main reasons the couple chose to pursue an investment from Kevin O’Leary.

The pair also received an offer from Daymond John. Although the Shark Tank’s founder is unsure whether he can provide them with any assistance, the company has a high-net-worth. At the time of the episode, Certifikid had a $5 million present value. On top of that, the company generated over $1 million in sales in April and May of this year.

One of the biggest factors that helped the Certifikid website become so successful was the fact that it was run by a team of entrepreneur-at-hearts. Not only are the two founders extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to their business, they are also creative thinkers.