Chad Belding Net Worth

Chad Belding is a media personality and one of the most famous duck hunters around. His company, Banded, has raised $10 million. Founded in 2008, the company’s main products are waterfowl hunting gear. They are also the producers of the popular The Fowl Life television show.

Born in 1974 in Reno, Nevada, Chad Belding grew up in a family that was always into the outdoors. He studied history and public speaking, and he took up baseball in college. In fact, he was part of a Division I baseball team. That experience led him to pursue his love for the outdoors, which eventually turned into a career. Now, he is the host of The Outdoor Channel’s The Fowl Life television show, as well as the founder of a production company called Banded.

Belding has launched his own line of merchandising. This includes a line of Banded Duck Calls and other products. His company, Banded Holdings, has raised $10 million, which is used for inventory, working capital, and buying the Banded Brands license from Maxx Outdoors.

One of the most well known shows hosted by Belding is the Fowl Life, which airs on the Outdoor Channel. The show has been running since 2009, and is currently in its twelfth season. It has been filmed at several different locations, including the San Diego Zoo, the Alaskan wilderness, and the Alaskan Wilderness Lodge. Aside from duck hunting, the show features other outdoor related topics such as fishing, shooting, and hunting. In addition to a number of famous guests such as Charlie Blackmon and Urijah Faber, the show also introduces viewers to important moral lessons about hunting.

In his spare time, Belding enjoys hiking and taking his dog for a walk. However, his passion for the outdoors led him to the world of predator hunting. As a result, he founded a production company called Banded. Currently, Banded has a number of different products, such as turkey hunting gear. Their most popular product is a decoy, but they also make a variety of other accessories for hunters.

When Belding isn’t busy hosting his show or traveling the country, he’s a father of one daughter, Alyssa, and a husband to Clint. In addition to hunting, he’s also a fitness enthusiast. Unlike many other hunting shows, he doesn’t just sit in a field and wait for a bird to fly by. Instead, he uses a scientific approach to keeping fit.

Another interesting fact about Belding is that he is capable of speaking more than twenty languages. Although he started his career in the world of duck hunting, he is a multi-talented sportsman who has made the most of his life, and his hobbies, by turning his passion for ducks into a successful business. By using his knowledge of the sport to produce a series of shows, he has become a very popular figure in the industry. And now, his show is one of the most watched on the television.