Chantel Everett Net Worth

Winter Everett is an American reality television star and social media influencer. She has appeared in many shows and spin-offs of the popular 90 Day Fiance franchise. Her net worth is estimated to be between $20 million and $50 million.

As a child, Winter Everett had issues with self-esteem. She admired her older sister Chantel and wanted to be like her. The two siblings have been in numerous disputes. In one of the episodes, Winter Everett dated a man named Philip, but later broke up with him because of his three children.

After their breakup, Winter Everett and Jah got engaged. Winter accepted Jah’s marriage proposal. However, he brought up the idea of polygamy, and Winter rejected it. Their relationship ended in 2022.

Before becoming famous, Chantel Everett was a model and actress. When she was a teenager, she had dreams of becoming a nurse. Although she dropped out of nursing school, she later worked as a first responder nurse during a pandemic. It was in this capacity that she was filmed for the TLC show, 90 Days to a Husband.

Everett has become known as an unscripted television star. She has appeared on numerous popular shows such as 90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel. Aside from appearing on these shows, she has also built up a social media following, earning her a net worth of $1.5 million.

Among the highlights of her career, she has worked as a model and ophthalmic technician. In addition to being a reality television star, she has also promoted tea detoxes and work scrubs. She also has an Instagram account with more than 490,000 followers.

Everett has three siblings. Her siblings include River and Winter. Her parents are Thomas Everett and Karen Everett. Both are artists, writers, and public speakers. They have a home in New York City and a home in Paris.

Chantel has earned a lot of money, but it all comes from starring on the television shows she has appeared on. She has been featured in several shows including 90 Day Fiance, The Family Chantel, and Happily Ever After?. Each episode has garnered her an income of between $49,000 and $95,000. During season four, she had an appearance on the show 90 Days to a Husband, which was a big turning point in her career.

She is also a certified nursing professional, and has an impressive social media presence. As of 2019, she has more than 490,000 followers on her Instagram account.

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