Charlie Schockner Net Worth Revealed

Charlie Schockner is a well-known celebrity. He has achieved worldwide fame by working hard and making good decisions. Despite his success, he has also endured many difficulties. However, his wife has been with him all the way.

The couple met on a Dodger game in 1978, and a year later, they married. They shared a 14-year-old son. Fred Schockner had a reputation for abusing his son. As a result, Jicha grew concerned. She figured that Fred was abusing his son and her daughter, and so she asked Lynn to visit her sister, who lived in Georgia. Whenever she was able to visit her sister, she told her about the abuse.

When the police arrived at the Schockner’s doorstep, they found a body outside their back door. Officers posed as a man named Harvey. Several officers positioned themselves in an alley nearby. One officer checked the gate to the Schockner’s backyard. Another officer stayed in the alley and radioed to the officers at the front door.

A week later, a second suspect was arrested for the crime. Authorities have linked the two victims to the Cuban mob, El Cubano. According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, El Cubano promised to pay the man who murdered Lynn Schockner five thousand dollars for the job.

After the two men were convicted of murder, they were sent to a California correctional center. Meanwhile, the suspect who had escaped from the home was arrested. He was charged with the murder.

In the years before the incident, Manfred “Fred” Schockner had a reputation for mistreating his family. He abused his son, Charles, and his wife, Lynn. At the time of their marriage, he had a million dollar net worth. But his family wealth would be divided between them under California’s legal separation laws.

On November 18, 2009, police in Long Beach, Calif. responded to a 911 call that said a prowler was lurking around the Schockner’s home. They found the murder victim, Lynn Schockner, outside her back door. There was a bloody knife behind the victim’s head, and a guard dog had barked at the police.

In addition to the police response to the call, the two women had a guard dog. While they were talking to the suspect, the dog began barking. This was an obvious sign of danger.

After the arrest of the first suspect, the case was taken over by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department. During the trial, the jury returned a guilty verdict for the murder. It took only 35 minutes for the jurors to reach a unanimous decision.

Since then, Manfred “Fred” Schockner has been convicted for his role in the killing. His sentence is to be served in prison without parole. However, his appeal has been dismissed. Currently, the police in Ventura County are holding one of the suspects in the slaying.

In addition to the murder of Lynn Schockner, there are several other mysteries surrounding the crime. Police believe that the second suspect, Nicholas Harvey, had been in the alley before the slaying.