Charmaine Sheh Net Worth

Charmaine Sheh is a Chinese actress who is famous in both Hong Kong and mainland China. She was born on May 28, 1975, in Hong Kong. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a teacher. The actress is considered one of the most popular TV actresses in China.

Charmaine started her career in Hong Kong, where she won the second place in the 1997 Miss Hong Kong pageant. She went on to graduate with a diploma in hotel management from the International Hotel Management Institute Switzerland. After graduating, she signed a contract with TVB for two years. She starred in a number of TV shows before she left to pursue a career in China.

Charmaine’s success on the TV screen led her to be awarded with several awards. She won the Asian Television Awards in 2011 for her role in Can’t Buy Me Love. She also was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 24th Huading Awards. Since her debut, she has starred in a variety of projects, including Winter Begonia, Maidens’ Vow and the Lady Iron Chef. Other popular movies she has starred in include War and Beauty, Beyond Realm of Conscience and The Story of Yanxi Palace.

In addition to her starring roles in several movies, Charmaine has also contributed as a singer. She sang on “Maidens’ Vow,” when Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West, and the “Dance of Passion” with Joe Ma. Additionally, she was shortlisted at the 35th International Emmy Awards. In 2017, she invested 20 million RMB in a fashion brand, Anirac.

Charmaine is currently married to actor Tony Leung. They have three children together. They live in Shanghai. They own several properties in Hong Kong, including a high-rise flat called the Tavistock II building in the Mid-Levels. Their property sold for US$36 million in 2007.

As an actress, she has won numerous awards, including the Best Actress Award at the 24th Huading Awards. At the 48th Anniversary Awards, she won both the Best Actress and the Favourite TV Character awards. This made her the first actress to win two major honors at the same TVB ceremony. She was also the first Hong Kong television actress to be shortlisted for an Emmy award.

Charmaine is most popular for her role in the film Return of the Cuckoo. This film, which was directed by Jazz Boon, garnered huge acclaims and a film adaptation. It aired in 2000. With the lead role, she earned the Favorite On-screen Partner award with Julian Cheung.

Before returning to TVBC, Charmaine worked for many years in the Chinese entertainment industry. She portrayed the role of Hoifa-Nara in the story of Yanxi Palace. She also starred in several movies, including War and Beauty, the Lady Iron Chef, and Love is the Only Answer. Despite her success on the screen, she has not publicly disclosed her personal life.

In fact, she prefers to keep her life private. However, Charmaine has a Twitter account and official website.