Charytin Goyco Net Worth

Charytin Goyco is one of the top singers in the world. She has gained international fame for her song “Mosquita Muerta” which has become a favorite in the Dominican music industry. Her popularity and career has earned her a huge net worth. It is estimated that she has a net worth of about $2 million.

Charytin Goyco was born on May 23, 1949 in the Dominican Republic. As a child, she lived in Spain and then moved back to the Dominican Republic. At the age of 16, she enrolled in a public state university in the US, where she got her bachelor’s degree.

Charytin Goyco has many different careers. For instance, she is an actress, a television presenter, and a singer. In fact, she has appeared in several movies and a soap opera, and has starred in a TV entertainment show for Univision. Also, she has directed a television entertainment show for the network in 2006.

Charytin has also hosted her own television show, which she has done since 2002. Escandalo, which she co-hosted with Marisa del Portillo, was a popular variety show which aired on Telefutura. The show featured Puerto Rican star Yolandita Monge and the Dominican-Mexican actor Andres Garcia. Despite the program being cancelled, the success of the show gave Charytin a boost in her career.

Charytin has a wife and three children. However, she has never publicly talked about her marriage. She has been married to actor Elin Ortiz, who is a Puerto Rican star, for more than forty years. They divorced in 2016, and she is currently single. However, they remain friends and have a common interest in performing.

The couple had twins at a hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1990. Charytin and Elin met in the Dominican Republic, where she had performed on a TV show. Both were discovered while they were dancing on the show.

In 2006, Charytin had a movie released in Spanish. After that, she had a successful stint on a soap opera. She has also made appearances on television shows such as Cory in the House and Expecting a Miracle. But, Charytin did not have any other romantic relationships with other men.

Charytin has become a celebrity in her own right, and has a devoted fan base. There are thousands of followers on her Instagram account, and she is known for her style. She has shared her personal photos and professional images on her page.

Charytin has also become an Internet sensation with her millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel. Since 2010, Charytin has produced several albums and has received several awards for her work. She has also earned an ACE Extraordinary Award for Merit. Currently, Charytin is living in Miami with her family. Moreover, she has been ranked as one of the richest celebrities in the world.

Charytin is a hardworking individual who has built up a massive fan following on social media. With her incredibly famous songs, she has been able to earn a huge net worth.