Chelsea Lipford Wolf Net Worth

Chelsea Lipford Wolf was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. She was raised by America’s home improvement expert and hopes to inspire others to get involved in home improvement projects. Her parents still live in the house that was built for the family by their son Danny. Today, she has launched a production company named after her three daughters.

When she was nine, she got a home improvement bug. After spending a few years working as a handyman, she started to help her father at the construction company he founded. By age 21, she had her own business. Since then, she has appeared on several television shows, including The Weather Channel and CBS This Morning.

Lipford is a veteran contractor and media personality. He has also contributed to the CBS This Morning show for more than a decade. His program includes tips on home improvement and weather-related home topics. In addition to his television work, Lipford has been a contributor to Parade magazine, the Chicago Tribune and Inside Edition.

Lipford and his wife Sharon have three children. Their oldest daughter is married and has two kids. They have a house that backs up to Corpus Christi Catholic School.

Chelsea’s family started their home renovation business in 1979. In 2008, the company celebrated 30 years of operation. In addition to the construction company, the couple runs a website that hosts a monthly lifestyle web series. And in July 2014, Chelsea launched her blog, Checking In With Chelsea. It has been recognized with two national Telly Awards.

Lipford is a contractor, but his passion for home improvements began at age 9. He bought his first power tool from a mail-order catalog and became a hobbyist. From that point on, he has had a lifelong passion for home improvement.

As a part of his career, he has appeared on more than 190 national television programs. He has consulted for Parade magazine, the Chicago Tribune and the Rachael Ray Show. He has also contributed to the Better Homes and Gardens and CBS This Morning. Currently, he is co-host of the nationally syndicated television show Today’s Homeowner.

Aside from his TV show, Lipford is a popular radio host. He has been a guest on the CBS ‘The Early Show’ and The Weather Channel. Although not widely known, he has also starred in several films. He also has a very attractive and youthful complexion.

Besides his work on television, Lipford has been an executive producer of several national home improvement shows. One of them is “Today’s Homeowner,” which is filmed in Mobile, AL. Another is a home improvement program called “The Home Depot Project of the Week” that highlights home improvement projects.

Along with her husband Brandon Wolf, Chelsea has two children. Their oldest, Melanie, is married and has two children. Also, her youngest, Chelsea, has a son. But her daughter, Emme, is not publicly available.

Despite her daughter’s fame, Danny and Sharon have been married for almost four decades. Their relationship is strong, and they have a great bond.