Chi’Lantro Net Worth – How Much is Jae Kim Worth?

Chi’Lantro BBQ was started by Jae Kim in 2010. It is a Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant. The menu includes Mexican-style rice bowls with an Asian twist. They also serve kimchi fries and fried chicken wings. Their meats are marinated for at least 48 hours before grilling. Customers can pay for their meals with credit and debit cards.

Chi’Lantro has eight restaurants in Austin, Texas. The company plans to open two more in the next year. It has a presence on social media, with a growing fan base of influencers. A “family pack” costs $60 and feeds six people. In addition, they donate to families impacted by a rising unemployment rate.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Chi’Lantro has earned over $9 million in sales. The founder and CEO is planning to launch a franchise program outside of Austin. He plans to expand the company to Houston. There are currently five food trucks operating under the brand.

Before his appearance on Shark Tank, Jae Kim had two other unsuccessful attempts to make it on the show. The first was a failed venture coffee shop business. But he was inspired by his mother’s hard work and desire to start his own business.

Jae was 11 years old when he moved to the United States from Korea. In 2010, he launched a food truck named Chi’Lantro, and after a few years, he expanded the company into three more restaurants in Texas and two in California.

While he was preparing for his appearance on Shark Tank, Chi’Lantro was already a successful business with over $4.7 million in annual sales. During his pitch, the company was valued at $4 million. However, Corcoran’s offer of $3 million for a 30% stake was far more than he could afford. As a result, he asked for $600,000 in exchange for 15% equity. This was a record-breaking deal, but it did not guarantee continued profitability.

Afterward, Barbara Corcoran invested $600,000 in Chi’Lantro for 20% equity in the company. She also agreed to invest $600,000 in the company’s catering division. After the deal was sealed, the company was able to grow even more. Today, Chi’Lantro has eight restaurants and a fleet of food trucks. They accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

After he appeared on Shark Tank, Chi’Lantro BBQ became a household name. It now serves food at a variety of locations, including the SXSW music festival. They have also appeared on the Food Network and Cooking Channel. One of the most popular items on the menu is their Family Pack, which costs $60 and feeds six people. Other popular items include their signature kimchi fries, their kimchi fried chicken wings, and their rice bowls.

When it comes to the business, Jae says that his strength is resilience. Despite having failed twice in his first attempt to land a spot on Shark Tank, he knew this was his once in a lifetime opportunity. So, he took the chance.

In an interview with QSR Magazine, Jae Kim shared that he hopes to eventually franchise the company. He explained that his goal was to earn $50 million in revenue per year. To reach that goal, he was aiming to expand the company to eight locations in the Austin area and two in Houston.