Chiquita Tate Net Worth

Chiquita Tate was a renowned criminal defense attorney from Louisiana. She was known to have a knack for representing accused killers. During her career, she often represented drug dealers and gang members. Her clients included the notorious Duheart brothers who were on trial for the murder of Jason Fourmy.

Chiquita Tate had been working on a high-profile murder case when she was murdered. Police found her body in a bloody mess in her office. It was later revealed that she was stabbed over forty times. The crime was so vicious, Chiquita’s husband Greg Harris was found guilty and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Chiquita Tate’s death was the subject of a number of television shows, including Crime Watch Daily and NBC’s Dateline. In addition, a series of articles have been published about the incident.

The death of Chiquita Tate has been investigated in several true-crime investigative journalism shows. Chiquita’s husband, Greg Harris, was the primary suspect. Despite the fact that Harris was convicted of murder, his whereabouts remain unknown. However, he has filed a post-conviction relief application in mid-May. He was also reported to be in jail, but this has not been confirmed.

Chiquita Tate was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was the first in her family to go to college. She had three sisters and six brothers. They all live in the area. During her childhood, she was influenced by her drug-addicted mother. Fortunately, her mother passed away when Chiquita was in her early teens.

Chiquita Tate studied until the 11th grade in Baton Rouge and then attended a local high school in Chicago. She also graduated from Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta. During her high school and college years, she worked as a legal secretary and attended Southern University Law Center. After college, she became a criminal defense attorney.

Chiquita and her husband Greg Harris had been married for a year. Their marriage was set to end after a small event. At that time, they lived in separate apartments. But they were still close. One of their friends, Shawn Collins, was one of the guests at their wedding.

After Chiquita’s death, her siblings started asking the court to not give Harris leniency. A group of family and friends told police that they knew Chiquita was missing, but the police were ignoring them.

After the investigation, the authorities looked into Harris’ background. His criminal history was uncovered, and he had a pending warrant for contempt of court. On top of that, he had a history of domestic violence.

The Enquirer issued a front-page apology and retracted all its stories based on them. In addition, the Enquirer reached a multi-million dollar settlement. This averted a lawsuit.

Chiquita and Greg Harris were envious of each other. Although they had a loving relationship, they were also conflicted. Harris was tainted by his past, and he wanted to gain thousands of dollars in life insurance claims after his wife’s death. Despite his efforts, he was not able to obtain a new trial.