Christine Caine Net Worth – How Much Is Christine Caine Worth?

Christine Caine is an evangelist, author, speaker, and activist. She is the founder of The A21 Campaign, a non-profit organization that aims to fight human trafficking, modern day slavery, and forced labor. Also, she is the director of Youth Alive. In addition to these roles, she is the wife of Pastor Nick McMillan and the mother of two daughters, Sophia and Catherine.

Before launching The A21 Campaign, Caine worked for the Hills District Youth Service. She was the founding director of the organization, and later went on to become the director of Youth Alive. Currently, Caine is pursuing her master’s degree in evangelism and leadership at Wheaton College. Her official website is available at

Christine Caine was born on September 23, 1966, in Sydney, Australia. She was adopted at birth by Greek Orthodox immigrants. After attending Blacktown Girls High School and the University of Sydney, she received a bachelor’s degree in English. During this period, she also volunteered as a youth worker.

Christine Caine was raised in the Greek Orthodox faith, but she embraced Protestantism. Later on, she studied at Hillsong College. During this time, she also began to volunteer for the Hills District Youth Service. It was there that she was introduced to her passion for speaking about God, justice, and overcoming the struggles of life.

As the founder of The A21 Campaign, Caine has made a name for herself as an international activist. She has fought for the cause of abolishing slavery everywhere, and the organization works to stop injustices in the world. Since its founding in 2008, the organization has reached out to victims of human trafficking and has even taken legal action against those who perpetrate the crime.

Today, Caine lives in Southern California with her husband Nick. Together, she and Nick have two daughters, both of whom attend Zoe Churches. They have also launched a nonprofit organization, Propel Women. This is an organization that aims to empower women, so that they can be strong and influential in their communities. With this, they seek to help women all over the world realize their unique God-given purpose and achieve their dreams.

Christine Caine has appeared on several television shows and radio shows, including TBN’s Praise the Lord, the James Robison Show, and the Joni Lamb show. She is also a featured speaker at Louis Giglio’s Passion conferences. Moreover, she has been featured on the Joyce Meyer’s Enjoying Everyday Life.

Despite her appearances on international television shows, the details of Christine Caine’s personal life are not publicly known. However, she has a family, and her net worth is estimated to be at least $1.5 million. She is also the mother of two daughters, who are currently in their early twenties.

Despite her many accomplishments, Christine Caine still remains closely affiliated with the founders of the Hillsong Church. She continues to speak about faith and justice, and encourages her audience to seek God in difficult circumstances. Moreover, she has a passion for serving local churches across the world. Consequently, she has been able to serve in a variety of roles for over thirty years.