Christy McGinity Gibel Net Worth

The net worth of actress Christy McGinity Gibel is estimated to be $2 million. She has appeared in several reality shows, including Little Women: LA, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Chelsea Lately. In addition, she has worked in several commercials and has a career in fashion design and real estate. Most of her income comes from her work in these industries, though she has also appeared in MADtv and Goldmember. Besides acting, she has experience in various fields, including writing, recovery coaching, and financial consulting.

After a decade of acting and modeling, Christy McGinity turned her attention to a more serious career. She began her career as a reality star in May 2014. Her first appearance was on the Lifetime television show Little Women: LA. Although she has not appeared in season eight yet, she has gained popularity by appearing in the show.

Christy McGinity and her husband Todd Gibel are no longer married. They broke up in April 2019 after five years of marriage. However, their divorce was not finalized. Christy filed for a temporary restraining order against her husband, citing disturbing behavior. This prompted Todd to shut out her social media accounts. At the same time, he allegedly impersonated her by contacting her via email.

During the time of her first marriage, Christy had a daughter named Autumn and a son named Trenton. She also had a daughter named Violet Autumn, who died two weeks after her birth. Currently, she is expecting another child with her boyfriend Gonzo Carazo.

Christy McGinity was born in Burbank, California, USA, and has a zodiac sign of Leo. She is of White ethnicity. Christy has also experienced many fields, including recovery coaching, writing, fashion design, and real estate. Besides acting, she has a background in marketing, and has worked as a stand-in for child actors in commercials.

She had a minor role in the 2002 movie Death to Smoochy. Moreover, she has worked on several other films, including RuPaul’s Drag Race (2009). One of her most successful projects is the reality series Little Women: LA. Since the start of the show, she has appeared in seven seasons.

As a reality star, Christy has received various endorsement offers, and her social media account has over 180 thousand followers. Despite her success, she has a modest lifestyle. But she still has plans to change her life in the near future. According to reports, she is undergoing fertility treatments, and has also started hormone injections in order to get pregnant. Lastly, she is also a model and has appeared in popular commercials.

Despite her ups and downs since she began her career as a reality star, Christy McGinity has managed to earn a great fortune. She has appeared in several shows and commercials, has a good source of income, and has also built a solid network of friends and colleagues. Additionally, she is a proud member of a number of non-profit organizations.

Although she has been married twice, Christy has not had any scandals. Her first husband was not supportive of her career, and she ended the relationship.