Clara Chia Marti Net Worth

The net worth of Clara Chia Marti is estimated to be around $200K. She is a popular Spanish model. She is currently dating Gerard Pique, a famous soccer player. They met at an event at Kosmos.

Although her parents did not provide her with much, she was able to go to a private school in Barcelona. After high school, she enrolled in a public relations program at a university in Spain. Her current occupation is as a part-time student. It is believed that she will get a Public Relations degree.

Clara Chia Marti is in a relationship with Gerard Pique, a soccer player for the Barcelona team. The two met during an event at the production firm, Kosmos. According to sources close to the footballer, they are attempting to keep their affair under the radar.

When she was young, Clara Chia was interested in sports, such as badminton and cycling. She also took modeling classes in school. While in high school, she landed her first modeling job. Later on, she started to participate in various events and contests. However, she never gained a lot of fame until she entered into a relationship with Pique.

Clara Chia has recently become an internet sensation. She has appeared on several social media platforms, including Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat. Her El Dorado World Tour, which generated over $75 million, has helped her earn a substantial amount of money. In addition, her fragrance line, “S by Shakira,” has been successful. With her popularity, she has a large fan base, and has many fans and followers on social media.

At the time of her relationship with Gerard, it was reported that the footballer was dating a student in Public Relations. However, it is unclear if the relationship is still ongoing. Aside from that, there are no other details about the pair. One thing is for sure: they are working together a lot.

In terms of her lifestyle, she enjoys traveling. She eats only organic food and engages in yoga to help her maintain her mental health. She also lifts weights at a gym.

Clara Chia has a good relationship with her family. Both her father and mother are hard-working individuals. Their goal is to make their children’s life better. Clara Chia has a younger sister, Johanna. During their childhood, she had a close relationship with her siblings.

Although Clara Chia has a net worth of $1-5 million, her exact wealth is not known. There is speculation that she has earned her wealth from her career as a model. Currently, she is working as a part-time student for Pique’s company, Kosmos. Other than that, she is focusing on getting her degree. Before moving to Miami, she will try to finish her studies.

As of now, Clara Chia has no official Wikipedia page. However, she has been featured on several social media platforms, and has eight posts on Instagram. She has 8337K followers on the photo sharing website. Nevertheless, she has been secretive about her personal life.