Colt Knost Net Worth

If you are into the game of golf, you might have heard of Colt Knost. He is an American professional golfer and he has played on the PGA Tour. His career has made him rich. As of January 9, 2023, he has a net worth of $5 million. However, there are no exact details about his income or the salary that he receives.

When he was a kid, Colt Knost was interested in football and basketball. But, he took up golf only when he was twelve years old. By then, his father had passed away. This triggered his mother to move to Texas. While there, he met his uncle Tom, who pushed him to practice golf.

In college, he won all-conference honors and was named the Western Athletic Conference Freshman of the Year. At the 2007 Walker Cup, he competed for the United States and defeated Michael Thompson. Afterward, he was awarded the Price Cutter Charity Championship award. Then, he played in the Countrywide Trip.

As of now, the estimated income of the retired golfer is between $5 and $10 million dollars. Moreover, he has not disclosed his marital status. It is unclear whether he and his girlfriend Natalie Johns are romantically involved.

During his career, he was awarded three United States Golf Association actions. These include the Price Cutter Charity Championship award and the Fort Smith Classic award. On top of that, he earned a PGA Tour card. Furthermore, he has been an on-course reporter for CBS Sports and the Golf Channel.

Though he is no longer actively practicing the game of golf, Colt Knost is still a very famous player. He is popular on the social media websites like Instagram, Twiter, Facebook, and YouTube. In fact, he has gained more than 30k followers on these platforms. Moreover, he is an on-course analyst for PGA Tour events.

Currently, he is living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Although he has not disclosed his marital status, he is still in a relationship with Natalie Johns. Earlier, he was in a relationship with her cousin, Dianne. Since then, there has been no news of a romance between the two.

As of now, Colt Knost’s official website links are not available. But, you can easily find his social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter. There is also a podcast hosted by him. The most important revenue stream of his business is Yeezy sneakers. Nevertheless, he has exaggerated the size of his business.

He has also made several appearances on the PGA Tour, and is known to have earned a decent amount of money. However, he failed to make it to the top ten of the money list. To be more specific, he finished 193rd.

When he is not practicing, he enjoys playing football and basketball with his family. Additionally, he likes to travel to his home country, the United States, to play golf.

Besides being a successful golfer, Colt Knost is also a gold player. He is also a well-known podcast host.