Cordae Net Worth 2023

A famous rapper who has earned a huge amount of net worth is Cordae. He started his journey in the music industry at the age of 15. He first gained popularity by covering songs belonging to famous American singers. He then uploaded it to YouTube and he got a massive response from the audience worldwide. After that, he dropped out from college and moved to Los Angeles where he took his rap career seriously.

He has two hit albums under his belt and his YouTube channel is also receiving a large number of views. He has a lot of followers who follow him on social media and his upcoming projects are being highly awaited. He also hosts several podcast shows to connect with his fans and get their feedback. He has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2023.

His father was a rapper who used to play tunes by Rakim, NAS, Big L, and Talib Kweli around him when he was growing up. This helped him develop a love for hip hop music. Later, he would go on to perform with his mother at a club. Cordae has a brother who he is close to and has even added fragments of his voice to some of his tracks.

Cordae Bogo Dunston, also known as YBN Cordae or Entendre was born on August 26, 1997 in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. He is an American rapper who rose to prominence for his thoughtful lyrics, storytelling ability, and socially conscious messages in his songs. He has a vast following in the music world and has been nominated for many awards.

Despite his early start in the industry, Cordae has been able to maintain his status as one of the top rappers in the world. He has been a part of various projects and has performed alongside the biggest artists in the industry. His latest work, ‘From A Bird’s Eye View’ is one of his best works.

Before entering the rap industry, Cordae had to deal with a lot of ups and downs in his life. He had to switch elementary schools seven times as his family was forced to relocate a few times due to his father’s job. He went on to graduate from Westlake High School in Waldorf, Maryland and then he enrolled at Towson University but later dropped out of it as he felt that the college was bigger than him.

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He has an impressive collection of cars and a mansion in Los Angeles. Besides, he has an extensive list of brand endorsements and his YouTube channel is getting millions of views on a daily basis. He has a good understanding of marketing and business which has enabled him to make huge profits in the rap industry. This has allowed him to become a multi-millionaire.