Cory Cove Net Worth

If you are a fan of the Minnesota Timberwolves or just have a penchant for glitz, glamor and the latest news and gossip, then you’ve likely heard of Cory Cove. He is an American sports and talk show host for KFAN Sports Radio. Aside from his on air talent, he is also an avid poker player. With his skills, he has competed in several world series of poker tournaments.

Cove has been in the broadcasting business for many years, beginning as an intern on PowerTrip Morning Show. Since then, he has risen through the ranks, gaining a permanent position on the program. In his current role as co-host, he receives a decent salary. His contributions to the show have garnered him some impressive on air awards.

One of the most popular games on the show is The Initials Game. While he didn’t invent it, he is credited with the original idea and has done his part to make it a success.

The Initials Game is a card game in which you get to select two initials and then find the first 12 answers that match. It is a difficult game to play, but one that has a massive fan base. Not only does it boast a nice sized prize pool, but it also is a fun challenge for people to play.

Another big prize on the show is the Viking Fan Line. This is a feature that starts right after the team’s post-game report. Each time the team scores a touchdown, the fans in attendance can choose a team name and be entered into a raffle for a free team ticket. The line is typically about two hours long, so you will want to plan accordingly.

Although Cove is best known as a talk show host, he is a poker player. He has made a slew of notable achievements, including winning a poker tournament. Most notably, he walked away with a whopping $64,295!

Some of the most memorable events that Cory has been a part of include being involved in several notable bets. He was able to save a life after a car accident in Mexico, and he has also had the opportunity to receive the autograph of Dikembe Mutombo.

When it comes to the newest technologies, Cory is a fan of the iPhone. He likes to share pictures on his Twitter account. However, he is reluctant to test out new foods. For example, he will often finish a food off the sleeves. Also, he doesn’t believe in paranormal activities or psychic abilities.

He also has a vested interest in the world of video games. He has been a part of the Video Games Weekly show, which is co-hosted by the staff of Game Informer. On the Tuesday night show, he plays a few games.

Although he hasn’t made a formal education statement, Cove is most likely a graduate of the University of Florida. According to his website, he has been married for over a decade to Angie. They have two children, Bailey and Harper. Their wedding anniversary is November 16.