Cory Zeidman Net Worth

Cory Zeidman is a 61 year old American poker player who has been involved in the gaming industry for more than twenty years. He is an acclaimed mixed game player and has appeared on several high-stakes cash game productions, including the World Series of Poker. According to his website, he has won over thirty-three thousand dollars in WSOP tournaments. His current occupation is as a professional poker player. However, his latest arrest is a result of an alleged $25 million sports betting scheme.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has unsealed a two-count indictment against Cory Zeidman in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York. Among the many charges against the Florida-based professional poker player are wire fraud and money laundering. The FBI claims that Zeidman and his co-conspirators defrauded victims in the most shady manner imaginable. They promoted the idea that they had inside information about large numbers of sports bets, and they bilked the public of millions. But how did a 61-year-old former sports gambler manage to accomplish such a feat?

In his defense, Zeidman claimed that his group was the first to offer a sophisticated white-collar strategy for acquiring sports information, but that was not his only claim. Zeidman and his co-conspirators also promoted misleading radio advertisements that claimed they had inside information, and they dangled the same “miracle” from a variety of aliases.

Aside from the fact that Zeidman has been indicted on a number of shady schemes, he’s been racking up an impressive list of achievements in the poker world. His best known accomplishment is winning the World Series of Poker bracelet, but he’s also won over three hundred thousand dollars in other poker tournaments. As a result, his net worth is estimated at seven million dollars. Although he’s been around for a while, Zeidman hasn’t released a lot of information about himself, his family, and his past. Some people have speculated that he’s married while others are more inclined to believe that he’s unmarried.

Zeidman allegedly collected $690,000 in cashes from tournaments since 1997. This amount is small potatoes compared to the more than $25 million that the FBI alleges Zeidman and his co-conspirators are currently raking in from their multi-million dollar sports betting scheme. Those afflicted with the scheme are said to have had their retirement accounts drained, and they were left to fend for themselves.

While he’s currently at large, the FBI believes that Zeidman will make his initial court appearance in the Miami federal courthouse on March 20. The federal agency has not revealed any details about the penalties that may be attached to the indictment, but based on the allegations, they may be big.

The indictment, which was accompanied by a series of news stories on the case, is one of the most serious in recent memory. It arose from a massive sports betting scam that targeted clients from both the state of Florida and the Long Island area.