Costas Mandylor Net Worth

Costas Mandylor is an actor, born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He has played in various television series and movies. Among his films are The Doors, Saw III, Saw IV, Saw VI, and Saw 3D. His films have been financially successful. Besides acting, he has been a professional footballer.

He is the youngest son of Giannis and Louiza Theodosopoulos. He also has a brother named Louis Mandylor. This handsome actor has appeared in several films and TV series. In addition, he has also written several short films.

In his early years, he grew up in St. Kilda, Melbourne, and South Melbourne. At the age of 18, he started acting. Before he began his career, he attended acting lessons. After a while, he took the name Costas, which was a variation of his mother’s maiden name. During his time in the acting business, he also studied Thai boxing.

His first acting role was in the film Triumph of the Spirit. Later, he became a regular on television in Picket Fences. Among the other TV series, he appeared in Tales from the Crypt. Currently, he is married to actress Victoria Ramos. They have been married since 2003. Their relationship is currently in a stable state. However, there is no news on whether they have children together.

After the breakup of his marriage with Talisa Soto, he began dating Victoria Ramos. They moved in together and supported each other. As of 2019, they have no children together. Despite the lack of children, the couple has remained together for nearly a decade.

Costas Mandylor has a net worth of $2 million. He is one of the richest celebrities in the world. However, his wealth has increased in the last two years. While the exact figure remains unclear, he has already bought a house and updated his luxury brand.

Costas Mandylor is a popular celebrity. Among his most well-known roles is Mark Hoffman in the Saw series of films. He has also starred in several other popular movies. Other movie credits include Fatal Past, Players, and Beowulf.

When he was in his early teens, Costas acted in a film called Daddy’s Girl. He also starred in several other movies and television series. Despite being unable to find work in his early years, he has been able to earn millions of dollars through his professional acting career. Moreover, his movies and TV shows have been successful. One of his films, Saw, has grossed more than $139 million worldwide.

Mandylor has a beautiful black bulldog as a pet. Often he poses with the bulldog on his social media accounts. Its distinctive body structure and pattern have made it a favorite amongst many fans. Besides, he has a unique body type.

As of the present, he has not revealed his political views. However, he has been a fan of the American actor Charlie Sheen. Despite this, he prefers spending quality time with his family and friends. Nevertheless, he has been romantically involved with Talisa Soto, who is an actress and model.