Curren$y Net Worth

Shante Scott Franklin better known by his stage name Curren$y (stylized as Currensy) is an American rapper, record producer and founder of the Jet Life Recordings and Jet Life Apparel imprints. He is also the owner of a New Orleans-based car customization shop called New Orleans Street Customs Motors. He has released a number of mixtapes and albums and has collaborated with numerous artists. He is also a well-known car collector and has an extensive collection of classic cars. He also founded a successful series of pop-up shops called Jet Life Pop-Up, which sells clothing and accessories inspired by his music.

His musical career has spanned over two decades, and he is one of the most popular rappers in the country. He has worked with several popular artists including Snoop Dogg and Big K.R.I.T. He has also starred in movies and television shows, and his songs have appeared on the Billboard charts. He is also an accomplished producer and has worked on a number of hit records with other artists.

He has also made some significant investments in real estate and other assets. He has a nice house in New Orleans and also owns some exotic cars. He is currently dating a beautiful lady named Lulu. He has been active on social media and frequently posts pictures of himself with his girlfriend.

Curren$y is a philanthropist and has contributed to charitable organizations such as the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic and Assistance Foundation, which provides healthcare to local musicians. He has also collaborated with non-profits to promote the use of legal marijuana in his native New Orleans. He is also an advocate for air pollution prevention and has spoken out against the city’s smoking laws.

The amount of money that he has earned from his musical career is huge and it helps him to lead a lavish lifestyle. His earnings are over $800,000 per month and he has invested in various properties as well. He also owns a few luxury cars and has an attractive body.

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Currensy has a lot of passion for cars and has his own automotive company, New Orleans Street Customs Motors. He is also an avid blogger and runs a successful YouTube channel. He has a good social life and is an active supporter of charities. He is a very good looking person and is loved by his fans. He is an inspiration for many people. He is an excellent rapper who has a great voice and has a very smooth flow. He is a talented rapper and he will surely go far in his musical career. He has a bright future ahead and is very talented and intelligent. He has a very good personality and is well-behaved. He is also a very good friend of his fellow rappers and he always supports them. He is also a very caring and supportive person who is always ready to help others in times of need.