Curtis Mewbourne Net Worth

Mewbourne is an American oil legend who has been working hard to achieve success. He began his career in industry after completing a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering. Curtis Mewbourne eventually founded a company called Mewbourne Oil Company, which is now one of the biggest private oil producers in the U.S. and is based in Tyler, Texas.

In addition to operating as an oil company, Mewbourne Oil also specializes in producing natural gas. It operates more than two hundred wells across the states of Texas and New Mexico. The company drills horizontal wells and has added several hundred thousand barrels of oil supply to the United States each day over the past year.

Mewbourne has worked the Permian Basin for over 50 years. They have discovered a number of fields, including the West Garden City Wolfcamp field, which is located in Glasscock County east of Midland. This field wasn’t as prolific as Mewbourne had hoped. However, it gave the company a good start.

Mewbourne has also made a name for himself as a humanitarian. He has given money to charities and even donated to his alma mater. As a result, he was awarded the Trailblazer Award from the University of Oklahoma. He is also recognized as a Distinguished Graduate.

Curtis Mewbourne is a great man. A true hero to many people. He has worked for a better America. Not only did he work hard to achieve his success, but he has also inspired millions of others.

After he earned a degree from the University of Oklahoma, Mewbourne decided to use his management skills to start his own business. In fact, he moved to another location for college. While studying, he received an additional degree.

The Mewbourne Petroleum Company hit it big in 1973 with a natural gas well in New Mexico. That led to several years of steady financial viability. However, when oil prices started to fall, the company had to keep operations going. Today, Mewbourne is one of the top five overall producers in the New Mexico portion of the Permian Basin.

Mewbourne has also employed a number of talented individuals. Several of these workers went on to distinguished careers with other companies. One is Joe Wright, who joined the company in 1982. Although he left to start his own company, he still maintained a close relationship with Mewbourne. Over the years, he developed deep respect for his friend and mentor.

Mewbourne has grown over the years and has not imposed any restrictions on growth because of the volatile market. In fact, it’s not even possible to find anyone who has drilled more wells in the Permian than Mewbourne. In 2010, the company discovered several major oil and gas reserves.

If you want to get in touch with Mewbourne, you can contact his company’s main office phone number. You can also email him or check out his social media accounts.

Mewbourne has been a great friend and partner to Joe Wright. They both helped each other during difficult times in their career.