Dan Duryea Net Worth

Dan Duryea is one of the most popular actors in the United States. His acting career spanned 28 years and he made more than sixty films. He is known for playing a variety of different types of characters in his films, with most of his work focusing on antagonistic roles. This has resulted in a large net worth for him.

Dan Duryea was born in the USA on January 23, 1907. After graduating from high school, he studied at Cornell University. While at college, he took on the role of president of the university’s drama society. As an actor, he has worked on stage, in television and in film. In his later career, he starred in numerous westerns.

In 1942, he appeared with Gary Cooper in the film The Pride of the Yankees. Later, he also appeared in the film Black Bart. Before his death, he was also involved in a number of other projects.

One of his more famous roles was Leo Hubbard in the Broadway play “The Little Foxes”. He also received critical acclaim for the role. It was this performance that led to Hollywood producers taking notice of Duryea. Eventually, he was offered a contract by Universal Studios, and his career began to blossom.

When he first moved to Hollywood, Duryea worked in advertising. However, his desire to make a career as an actor became more important than his advertising work, and he joined the summer stock company. By the mid-1940s, he was working in a series of film noirs, such as Black Angel and The Hills Run Red.

He was one of the earliest film stars to take on television roles. During the early 1950s, he starred in several comedy and drama shows, such as China Smith, Peyton Place, Jack Benny’s Program and Burke’s Law.

After working for a few years in the film industry, he started to focus more on acting, and eventually found his niche in the film noir genre. Although he was often an anti-hero, he also had a number of sympathetic roles. For example, he played alcoholic composer Martin in the movie Black Angel.

In 1968, Duryea died from cancer at the age of 61. He was buried in Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn – Hollywood Hills Cemetery. At the time of his death, his net worth was estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. Despite his success as an actor, he preferred to keep his personal life private.

During his lifetime, he had two sons, Peter and John. Sadly, Helen Bryan, his wife, died in 1967. Despite his success as an actor, Dan Duryea was an honorable man at home, and he was proud of his family.

Dan Duryea was an avid gardener, boater, and outdoorsman. He was also active in his local Boy Scout troop. Though he had a passion for acting, he eventually settled in San Fernando Valley, where he could enjoy the comforts of a private home.