Dane Boedigheimer Net Worth

Dane Boedigheimer is an American filmmaker and actor. He is well known for his creation of The Annoying Orange series. He is also a singer and musician. His primary YouTube channel has accumulated over 1.1 million views per day. This should translate into around $3 million per year in revenue. However, Boedigheimer has yet to disclose his actual net worth.

As a teen, Boedigheimer began making home movies. He used his parents’ 8mm video camera to make short videos with his brother. They would sit for hours editing them using two VCRs. After a while, they decided to create a full-length feature film.

In December 2005, he and his girlfriend moved to Los Angeles. While in the city, they worked as production assistants for MTV’s Pimp My Ride. Their salary for this job was $700 per week. During this time, Dane Boedigheimer started his own online YouTube franchise.

As of July 2022, his primary channel has more than 11 million subscribers. Moreover, his Annoying Orange Gaming channel has more than 2.3 billion views. It has been said that this series has spawned a line of clothing and a video game.

Dane has been featured in numerous television shows and on video sharing websites. Before The Annoying Orange, Boedigheimer has done animated videos for songs such as “Stuck in an Emo Band,” and “Stuck in a Bank.” These videos are a huge hit and have received more than 500 million views. Boedigheimer’s YouTube videos have earned him a spot among the most popular YouTube personalities.

As a teen, Boedigheimer got a 8mm video camera for Christmas. At that time, he and his brother spent an entire day making short videos. Later, he worked as a freelance filmmaker. Eventually, he founded his own company, Gagfilms. Initially, it was a small business that slowly developed a fan base.

As a result, his company has been able to create a successful online franchise. It has garnered more than 350 million views, which has accumulated a net income of nearly $288,000 from advertising. Moreover, the show has been converted from a YouTube series to a Cartoon Network hit.

Boedigheimer’s net worth is estimated at $30 million as of July 2022. Although, his primary source of income is a YouTube channel, he has other sources of income. One of his projects, Trash TV, spoofs commercials. Other productions include JibJab.

Aside from his production work, Dane Boedigheimer is a musician and singer. In fact, his songs have been featured on television. Currently, he is living in Sierra Madre, California. Currently, he has a wife and two children. Besides, he has official accounts on several social media sites. Despite his success, he prefers to live a modest lifestyle.

As a child, Boedigheimer’s parents ran a family business. He studied speech communications at Minnesota State University Moorhead. When he was 18, he worked for The Bakersfield Californian as a multimedia reporter. Throughout his career, Boedigheimer has made a number of videos and films, including a number of talking fruit videos.