Danny and Avis Winters Net Worth 2022

The Winters Family Foundation, run by Danny and Avis Winters, is a non-profit organization that invests in a variety of businesses. They are based in Oklahoma City. Their net worth is estimated at $1 to 5 million. Dan and Avis have lived in Oklahoma for nearly three decades. Despite this, they keep their private lives and personal finances out of the public eye.

In June 2002, they moved to 13812 Wireless Way in Oklahoma City, OK. They had already accumulated two children together. Before moving, they had lived at 7520 Wegner Way for a few years. But, they wanted a more spacious apartment.

While residing in Oklahoma City, the couple put a picture of their daughter in a newspaper on her 51st birthday. This image triggered a search by the FBI. A retired FBI special agent noticed Dennis sitting in his car with his head down. He also watched Dennis rubbing his nose fifteen times. Although Dennis told his family that he had not been drinking, his phone records revealed that he had a lot of calls to a suspected drug dealer, Jeffrey Crosby.

When the family learned that Dennis was under investigation, they hired a private detective. They believed that he was using drugs. They believed that he was secretly serving his wife oxycodone and antifreeze. And they wanted him to get help from licensed professionals. However, they didn’t believe he would actually kill his wife. After a lengthy battle to have the case reexamined, they finally found out that he had been arrested in February.

On Tuesday, December 20, prosecutors called several witnesses. One of them was the former owner of a narcotics store. Another was a former employee at the Clark County District Attorney’s office, where Susan Winters had worked. Finally, a convicted drug dealer named Jeffrey Crosby was interviewed. According to Adams, Crosby frequently gave Dennis cocaine. Also, when Dennis was arrested, he had three painkiller pills in his pants.

As for how the death occurred, the authorities ruled that the Winters family member committed suicide. She was found in her bed and later pronounced dead at a hospital. At first, it was believed that she was murdered. Ultimately, investigators determined that she died from an overdose of antifreeze and oxycodone.

According to a police officer, Dennis Winters had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. However, he still did not admit to the police that he was responsible for his wife’s death. Rather, he lied about the night of the incident. Throughout the preliminary investigation, the Winters family found out that Dennis was in and out of the hospital. During the investigation, the Winters family claimed that Dennis was collecting almost $2 million in life insurance payouts after his wife’s death.

Nevertheless, the couple remained hopeful that their daughter’s death would be investigated. Their efforts paid off. Gregory was sentenced to 10 years in prison in May of 2022.

Although their relationship was strained in the early 2000s, they managed to work things out and they got back together. Both parents now live in Oklahoma City.