Darius Gaskin Net Worth

Darius Gaskin is a young American YouTube star and content producer. Born in Wisconsin, he has a net worth of around one million dollars. In his spare time, he posts mukbang videos on his own channel and on his mother’s.

During his time in school, he was a star football player. However, he was demoted to the fourth position in the RB pecking order. He also has limited cap space and has been inconsistent in production. Nevertheless, his 91 catches since 2020 rank as the 11th-most at the position. It is rumored that he could be a backup for Saquon Barkley in Miami. The Dolphins aren’t the only team that may be interested in him.

One of the things that he has done to build his fame is to appear in his mother’s YouTube channel. She has over two and a half million subscribers. Moreover, the video he has posted has received over 50 million views.

Darius Gaskin has been active on Twitter and Instagram. On the former, he has over four thousand followers. This is quite a bit more than the tepid number of followers he has on the latter. At the moment, his personal Instagram is private.

Other than his Instagram account, he has a Twitter account and a YouTube channel. His personal channel is titled It’s Darius. In his channel, he posts food-related mukbangs and challenges. Some of his videos are even rated PG-13 for all ages. Besides, he has two other YouTube channels, one of which is called BlovesASMR Eating Her Way.

Darius Gaskin is also famous for his music and videography. He has released a single titled Insanity. There are also numerous other videos he has produced. In August 2018, he has uploaded a number of mukbangs.

Despite his fame, he is not in a relationship. He has a brother named Dalvin. As far as his ethnicity is concerned, he is African-American. But there are no other details he has revealed about his childhood.

Among the many things that he has done to increase his wealth, he has been a content producer. Currently, he is posting 34 videos per month. Of these, the most popular is the mukbang. Fortunately for him, his wife has been a help on this front. They also have two children, both of whom are sons.

Apart from his family, he has his own car and salary. But what is more impressive is the number of videos he has created in his time as a YouTuber. Currently, he has over nine hundred and ninety-one videos logged on his YouTube channel. He hasn’t said how much he earns, but he has a net worth of around $1 million. And it’s not difficult to believe that his fame and fortune have boosted his lifestyle.

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