Daryle Singletary Net Worth

If you love country music, you might have heard of Daryle Singletary. He is a talented singer who has released a number of hit songs. Aside from the music industry, he earned his money as a children’s retail store owner. The singer’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

In his early days, he used to sing gospel music with his family, a hobby that he continued to pursue even after he moved to Nashville. He also started taking vocal classes in high school, which would eventually propel him into a career as a country singer.

Despite his success, he eventually divorced his wife Kerry Harvick. Daryle married Holly Mercer on August 16, 2003. Together, they had four children. They opened a children’s retail store called Tater Bugs in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Despite their marriage, Daryle and Holly still managed to maintain a quiet, private lifestyle. However, they did have a lot of friends and fans, and the couple frequently sang gospel songs together.

During his tenure as a country singer, Daryle Singletary was able to record several studio albums. His self-titled debut came out in 1995. It included a number of hit singles, such as “I Let Her Lie,” which reached number two on the Hot Country Songs charts.

Throughout his career, he released six studio albums, achieving success early on with his hits. In 2007, Singletary released a new album titled Straight from the Heart. This album featured such classic country duets as “I Still Sing This Way” and “Jesus & Bartenders”.

Daryle Singletary died on February 12, 2018. Although there are no confirmed reports of his cause of death, TMZ reported that the singer had a blood clot in his lung and died at age 47. Daryle is survived by his wife Holly, his mother Anita, and his father Roger. He also had a large extended family. Some of his relatives include his brother Tony and sister-in-law Kristin Rowland.

Daryle Bruce Singletary was born in Cairo, Georgia, U.S., on March 10, 1971. Before becoming a country singer, he worked as a postal worker and a hairdresser. Upon moving to Nashville, he started singing in local nightclubs. With the help of his manager, Elizabeth Travis, Singletary signed with Giant Records. Eventually, the label gave him his first recording contract.

Daryle Singletary is known for his unique style of singing. According to his family, his song “The Note” was one of his biggest successes. Also, he was known for his athletic ability. Several of his songs entered the top 40 of the Hot Country Songs charts, such as “Too Much Fun” and “She’s Been Cheatin’ on Us”.

In addition to his music career, Singletary also worked as a tractor dealer. However, his career was derailed after his first marriage. His wife, Holly, was initially opposed to him because of his quiet, reserved personality. However, the two fell in love and had four children. Besides their children, Singletary had a large extended family.