Dave Diamond Net Worth – How Much Is Dave Diamond Worth?

It would be hard to pin Dave Diamond down as a philanderer, so it’s no surprise that his net worth is no more than the proverbial chump change. On a good day, his paltry $1 million is spread out over a couple of dozen employees and some spare cash. Those in the know would wager a few drinks that a bigger payday would be in the offing. As for the actual monies, that’s another story. In addition to his monetary stockpile, Ninja has garnered the endorsement of several major players in the gaming industry. His list includes the likes of Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, PlayStation slinger Mark Cuban, and Nintendo CEO Satoru Shibata.

Although Dave Diamond was not a jack of all trades, he did have a knack for picking winners. This is exemplified by his infamous trollish tics, as well as his propensity for making fun of his competitors, which is a major plus in the game of life. The above mentioned tics have kept him afloat in the gaming world for years. He has also made his share of enemies, in the form of rivals and coworkers. However, that is a different story, one that is sure to be a tale for many years to come.

Despite his lack of a home state, he has been a fixture in the digital media sphere for the better part of a decade. Not only does he host a few of his own eponymous podcasts, but his aforementioned tics are often the subject of parody, homage, and sabotage.