Dave Girouard Net Worth

Dave Girouard is a well-known public figure and a cultural icon. He has had a successful career and contributed to the world. In his own words, he has worked hard and made the right decisions in his life. As a result, he is one of the richest celebrities in the world.

Dave Girouard started his career with Accenture, where he worked on software development. Later, he went to work for Apple, where he was the Product Manager. After working for Apple for several years, he decided to join Google, where he was a member of the company’s Information Technology practice.

During his time at Google, he helped build the company’s cloud apps business. When he left the company, he co-founded Upstart. The company is a fintech lender, which focuses on providing personal loans through non-traditional factors. Its products include consumer loans, credit services, and lending platform. Among other things, Upstart works with banks to identify creditworthy individuals. By aggregating consumer demand for loans, it can provide credit to consumers. According to its website, the company’s revenue is primarily generated through fees paid by banks.

Currently, Dave Girouard holds a position as CEO of Upstart Holdings, Inc., which provides a lending platform based on artificial intelligence (AI). The company’s stock was recently up 89% on a single trading day. This was largely because of its purchase of Prodigy Software. On January 4, Upstart said that it had a market cap of $12.2 billion. Moreover, it has plans to expand into the auto loan market. Through its network of dealers, Upstart expects to offer AI-enabled auto loans to thousands of buyers.

Currently, Dave Girouard is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $1.3 billion. However, his Facebook and Instagram accounts do not show his actual salary. He also has an office address at 2700 San Mateo Avenue, Suite 510 in Mountain View, California. You can find more information about his official social media accounts at the links below.

As the CEO of Upstart, Dave Girouard has a 14% stake in the company. In the last 18 months, he has made 13 insider transactions in Upstart stock. At the time of the sale, he had 45,833 units of UPST stock in his portfolio valued at $9,831,553.

He was previously the President of Google Enterprise. Besides building the cloud apps business, he was also the leader of the team responsible for product development and marketing. Before joining Google, he was an associate at Booz Allen’s Information Technology practice. His other notable positions included SVP of Products & Marketing for video search company Viragen, Inc.; and Advisor at Blue Horizon Equity LLC.

David Girouard has also received numerous awards and honors. These include the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama, as well as a number of other awards from prestigious organizations. Despite his achievements, he is still very humble and kind to others. Since his childhood, he has formed close bonds with his brothers.