David Paulides Net Worth – A Cryptozoologist

David Paulides is a retired police officer. He served in the San Jose Police Department for twenty years. A cryptozoologist, he has written books and articles on Bigfoot and disappearances. During his time in the police department, he served in the SWAT team and the Vice/Intelligence Unit.

Paulides has worked for the Missing 411 project, a nonprofit organization that investigates cases of missing children in cities and villages throughout the United States. After a brief stint with the technology industry, he returned to the police force. While he had not posted his personal information online in many years, he recently shared that his son Ben was suffering from mental illness.

When David Paulides was young, he always wanted to work in the law enforcement field. After graduating from the University of San Francisco with two undergraduate degrees, he joined the police department. From there, he worked in a number of different areas, including street crimes and the vice/intelligence unit. At some point, he was commissioned as a detective and moved to the SWAT unit. Eventually, he was promoted to an investigator, working for the San Jose police department.

In his spare time, Paulides founded a research group called the North America Bigfoot Search. His research has led to a few papers, including one sponsored by Paulides. However, despite the success of his research, there have been some criticisms.

In addition to his work as a writer and investigator, Paulides has also published a few self-published books. Among them are Unsolved Mysteries: The Disappearance of America’s National Parks and BigFoot Search.

Before his career as a writer, David Paulides worked for the San Jose police department and the Fremont police department. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of San Francisco and his master’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He also worked in the vice/intelligence unit and the Street Crimes Unit, and was a part of the SWAT team.

After leaving the police force, he continued to study Bigfoot and disappearances. He has been involved in numerous wilderness searches and has sent off countless chases. Despite his research being criticized, he believes that something mysterious is happening. Interestingly, he never blames someone for being lost in the wrong place. Rather, he attributes the disappearance of a person or a group to unresolved problems within the park system.

In 2011, David Paulides authored a book entitled, Bigfoot: What’s the Truth? He uncovered evidence that the park service had been unable to solve some missing persons cases, and he wrote about his findings. This led to him being asked to determine whether or not there were actually Bigfoots in the area. Ultimately, he did not find any proof that there were.

Currently, he works as a scout for the North American Hockey League. In addition to his work as a scout, he has played ice hockey.

As of the end of 2016, David Paulides has a net worth of five million dollars. He has two children and a wife.