David Weekley Net Worth

David Weekley has been involved in the real estate business for years. He has also been active in various civic, philanthropic, and charitable activities. He has been on the board of the Metropolitan YMCA and is a member of the executive committee of the Greater Houston Partnership.

Weekley Properties is a real estate brokerage firm that specializes in commercial real estate in the Houston, Texas area. The company was founded in the early 1970s by Dick Weekley and his brother David. They also co-founded Weekley Development Co. One of their projects was the Houston CityCenter.

Although the first home was not built for several years, the company did sell a number of homes. It is now the nation’s largest private home builder and has sold more than 100,000 homes. Aside from building homes, the company has been involved in building shopping centers and other real estate projects.

David Weekley is a third generation real estate developer. He began his home building career at the age of 23. His father, David Johnson, was an entrepreneur and was looking for help to expand the company. In 1976, David started his own home building company.

After two years of success, he decided to move his company to Dallas and build more homes. His older brother Dick was impressed by his performance and saw the potential in the company. But his company was going through a hard time, and he needed to find some help to get it back on track.

So, he turned to his bank for a loan and risked his entire assets in return for a line of credit. He was then able to expand his company into other areas of the country.

As a result of his foray into real estate, Weekley was able to secure an offer to work for the Walt Disney Company in Celebration, Florida. At the time, Disney was a fan of David Weekley’s designs, and they asked him to help them build a new theme park in the city. This was the start of a long and storied business relationship.

Since that time, Weekley has expanded his home building business to 19 cities across the United States. The company has won hundreds of awards, and has been featured in national magazines. It has also been featured on the NBC television show “TODAY.” There is no doubt that the company is a leading innovator in the field of home building.

As a testament to his commitment to philanthropy, Weekley donates half of his personal income to a charity. Among the many organizations he has donated to is the David Weekley Family Foundation.

The David Weekley family foundation is a philanthropic entity that supports secular and faith-based organizations. Last year, the foundation awarded 104 grants, with the aim of making at least a dozen in the coming year. Some of the organizations supported by the foundation include Trees for Houston, Park People, and DePelchin Children’s Center.

David Weekley Homes has been a member of FORTUNE magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for fifteen years in a row. Their mission is to give back to their community and the employees who make up the Weekley team. In fact, they recently took their employees to Maui for a reward trip in 2017.