Daz Black Net Worth

Daz Black is a popular YouTuber and actor from England who has created funny videos that have gone viral on YouTube. He is also the executive producer of the series Drifters. His most successful video has reached 17 million views. This has helped him to earn millions of dollars and is a major source of his net worth. Moreover, he has appeared in movies and TV shows. Besides, he has earned a respectable fan base on other social media platforms.

Aside from his work on YouTube, Daz has also created short vine videos that have garnered him an immense following. As a result, his channel has more than one million subscribers. In addition to these, he has a fashion clothing line. His other major sources of income are sponsorships, ads on YouTube, merchandise and brand endorsements. However, he is mainly known for his gaming videos.

Before becoming a YouTuber, Daz was a construction worker. After he gained success on Vine, he decided to pursue a career in the digital entertainment industry. Initially, he uploaded humorous videos on Vine during his spare time. These videos eventually led to the formation of his first YouTube channel in 2007. Eventually, he was able to generate over 1 million followers.

Daz Black is a native of Hastings, England. He was born on August 7, 1985. He belongs to the Christian religion. From his childhood, he always dreamed of becoming a popular celebrity in his home country. During his childhood, he was very interested in sports and other co-curricular activities. Although, he did not have much interest in studying, he was still able to complete his local high school education.

While he was a student, he also worked as a construction manager. During his childhood, he lived in a middle class Christian family in Hastings. At this time, he had an interest in playing video games. But, his father is a professional carpenter. Consequently, the two of them were unable to afford to buy a new video game.

Having a passion for video games, Daz decided to pursue his career in the gaming sector. Among his favorite video games are Resident Evil and Breaking Benjamin. Currently, he updates his video game streams multiple times a week. With his growing popularity, he plans to establish a gaming niche on a larger scale. It is estimated that his earnings will reach a million dollars a year.

He has a lot of fans on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. Despite his popularity on these platforms, he maintains a clean profile. Since his success in the entertainment world, he has been engaged in a romantic relationship with Soheila Clifford. They have a daughter named Sarah. Interestingly, they celebrated their first anniversary on July 15, 2020.

As of now, Daz’s total net worth is approximately $5 million. As of 2022, his total net worth is expected to reach $9 million. That is a very impressive figure for a social media star.