Dean Devlin Net Worth

Dean Devlin is a renowned producer and writer in the entertainment industry. He has worked on many movies, television shows, and video games. His most famous work is Independence Day (1996). In 1998, he won the George Pal Memorial Award from the Academy of Science Fiction for his work.

In addition to being a producer and writer, Devlin is also an actor. His first role was in the movie My Bodyguard in 1980. After appearing in numerous recurring roles in the TV series L.A. Law in 1986, he moved on to film production.

Since then, Dean has made his name in the film industry, working on such Hollywood blockbusters as Godzilla, Independence Day, and The Patriot. His most recent project was action-thriller Geostorm. Aside from his work on the big screen, he has also branched out into the world of television, producing such programs as “The Librarians” for USA Network and “Outpost” for WGN America. Currently, he is executive producer of Amazon Prime Video’s original series Electric Dreams.

Devlin was born in New York City on August 27, 1962. He is currently married to actress Lisa Brenner. Their wedding date is July 4, 2003. They have two children. Besides being an actor and a producer, Devlin is also a co-founder and chairman of Electric Entertainment. This production company is currently in the process of producing several highly anticipated television series.

Before becoming a producer and writer, Devlin began his career as an actor, appearing in such TV shows as Tales from the Darkside, Hard Copy, and L.A. Law. He is also a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy, a trait that is reflected in the films he has directed and produced.

His net worth is estimated at $15 million as of the year 2021. It is expected to increase as the years go by. For this, he is ranked among the top celebrity cashouts of all time. As a result, his lifestyle has changed a bit. Today, he prefers to lead a relatively modest life. However, he is known to have been a big fan of science fiction, having received a phaser gun souvenir from his mother.

He is a director and writer of several movies and television shows. Dean also founded Electric Entertainment, which produces television programs and feature films. He has also worked as an advisor to ZeniMax Media. At present, he is directing “Geostorm,” which will be released in the fall of 2017. In the future, he will continue to work in the creative entertainment industry.

While he is known for his production of films such as Godzilla, Independence Day, and The Visitor, he has also been known to write and produce television programs and video games. Earlier, he served as executive producer for “The Librarians,” an American science fiction series. He is also currently serving as a partner of commercial production firm Thinkfactory Media.

He was awarded with the Best Actor award for his work in the film The Patriot, which he produced with Mel Gibson. His work in other countries helped him gain international recognition and a high level of fame.