Dedee Pfeiffer Net Worth

The acclaimed actress Dedee Pfeiffer has earned her name from her many movies, TV series, and appearances. She is also the younger sister of famous actress Michelle Pfeiffer. Her net worth is estimated to be $22 million as of 2022. Though her main source of income is her career as an Actress, she is also involved in social work and has a passion for body art. However, the actress has yet to reveal much about her personal life.

Born in the U.S., she grew up in Midway City, California. As a child, she performed small roles in movies and television shows. However, she did not pursue a career in the movie industry until she was twenty-one. This was after she appeared in the detective series Simon & Simon. At this time, she studied with acting coach Peggy Feury. In her first film, she starred alongside her sister Michelle.

After her movie debut, Dedee continued her career as a character actress. She also made a cameo appearance in the thriller-comemor movie “The Horror Show with Michelle Pfeiffer”. Later, she became a cast member on Cybill. During her tenure on the show, she played the role of Rachel Robbins Blenders. She was also a guest star on “CSI: NY”, “The Dead Zone”, and “Seinfeld” among others.

Before she turned professional, Dedee Pfeiffer worked as a cocktail waitress in a mud-wrestling bar. She also studied with an acting coach, Roy London. From 1988 to 1994, she was in a relationship with Ron Marquette. Eventually, Marquette committed suicide. While this was a sad episode in her career, it did not sever her relationships with other actors.

Despite her popularity in the entertainment world, she prefers a modest lifestyle. In fact, she has a number of tattoos on her body. One of them is a tiger print, which is located on her left shoulder. It is said that she is interested in body art, but has not disclosed the extent of her interest. Another interesting detail about her is that she is an animal rescuer.

When she was young, Dedee Pfeiffer was born in Midway City, California, to Richard Pfeiffer and Donna Pfeiffer. Her parents are originally from North Dakota. She has three siblings. Among them, her brother is actor David E. Kelley and her sister is actress Michelle Pfeiffer.

The American actress Dedee Pfeiffer began her career in 1985. She has appeared in a number of movies and television shows since then. She has starred in the film “Into the Night” with her sister Michelle. She also worked in the television series “Cybill” and “For Your Love”. Moreover, she has also been a part of the series “The Facts of Life” and “Up Close and Personal”.

She has a number of awards to her credit, including the Indie Soul Special Recognition Award at the Boston International Film Festival. She has also won the National Board of Review Award. Besides her acting career, Dedee Pfeiffer has worked as a social worker and has contributed a lot to the field.