Dennis Basso Net Worth

Fashion designer Dennis Basso is one of the most successful and respected personalities in the fashion industry. His pelt designs have gained him recognition for their uniqueness and business acumen. A longtime member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Basso is known for his discerning eye and creative vision. He runs a 40,000 square foot atelier in Long Island City, New York. In addition to his pelt collections, he also merchandises handmade couture designs.

Basso was born in Washington, DC. He attended Roxbury High School and Catholic University in Washington, DC. After college, he studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. The fashion designer is also a philanthropist. Some of the charity organizations that he has worked with include the American Cancer Society, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and the G&P Foundation for Cancer Research.

The fashion designer started his own business in 1983. He has three boutiques and a flagship store on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. He also has a website and social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. He has a large fan base on these social networking sites. As of January 2013, his followers on Twitter are around 9k and his likes on his Instagram are more than 50k.

Dennis Basso has an estimated net worth of $10 million. He has been married to Michael Cominotto, but they have no children. Despite having a small amount of wealth, Basso has managed to protect his privacy. Keeping his personal life private is something that he prefers to do.

Basso is best known for his pelt collections, which quickly became a global phenomenon. While designing the different lines of pelts, Basso sought out to create unique designs, which grew his business. It is no surprise that Basso is regarded as the country’s leading couture fur designer. Among his numerous accolades are the Ambassador Award from QVC in 2009. During his tenure, he has volunteered for many nonprofits, including the American Cancer Society.

Dennis Basso’s parents, Richard and Thersa, were both fashion-savvy. They backed Dennis’s dreams from the beginning. Even as young as twelve years of age, he worked for various fashion design clients. When Basso was eighteen, he decided to open his own company. Originally named “Dennis Basso Design,” he later changed the name.

In 2003, Basso opened a flagship store on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. This store, in partnership with Harrods, helped fund the G&P Foundation for Cancer Research. In 2007, he introduced his line of wedding dresses at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Besides his work as a designer, Basso has appeared in a few TV shows.

Known for his bold colouration and patterned designs, Dennis Basso is a fashion designer whose style has been admired by celebrities such as Rachel Zoe. His latest line of luxury fur coats for girls aged four to twelve has caught the attention of celebrities. Having an active social media presence, he has garnered over 14k fans on Facebook.