Dermot Kennedy Net Worth

The Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy is a popular figure. His career is largely defined by his success in the music industry. He is a popular performer in the United States and Ireland and has a number of hit singles in his repertoire. In the past few years, he has performed at Lollapalooza and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

The Irish musician started playing guitar at the age of ten. He soon learned to compose his own songs. During his school days, Kennedy teamed up with fellow schoolmates to form a band called Shadows and Dust. Eventually, he signed with Island Records and released his debut album, Without Fear. During the album’s release, he also began to sell out live shows in Los Angeles and New York.

Until his mid-20s, Kennedy wasn’t financially stable. He was largely self-employed, but he had a large enough fan base to earn some decent money. His songs earned up to four million streams per month on Spotify. This led to him being featured on the streaming service’s Discover Weekly. But it was his song “After Rain” that turned the music world on its head. Ultimately, the song garnered the attention of the music industry, and Kennedy’s career took off.

At the age of 17, Kennedy had been playing in open mic nights in Dublin, but it wasn’t until his first major tour at the ripe old age of twenty that he gained national recognition. When he returned to Ireland, his mother applied for him to study classical music at the National University of Ireland. As a result, he spent three years working on his musical skills.

Dermot Kennedy’s career has taken off in recent months. He was nominated for the NPR Slingshot Best New Artist of the Year award in 2018. Meanwhile, he’s made a name for himself by performing at music festivals and collaborating with fellow musicians such as Glen Hansard. Among his many achievements, he won the South County Song competition and made the BBC’s Sound of 2019 longlist.

However, his best known musical achievement may be the release of his self-titled album. A slew of successful singles have helped him to earn a decent living, albeit not as big as the star.

Several of the songs he’s written have been streamed over 300 million times. That’s not bad for an artist who hardly had a label to call his own. And he even managed to land himself an opening slot at a holiday show by legendary folkie Glen Hansard. Not to mention, his music has been licensed to numerous ad campaigns.

Kennedy’s popularity also led to the introduction of a new type of record label. One that offers artists like him the opportunity to self-publish their own work, and to promote the most popular pieces of their own songs. These newer options are a good way for Kennedy to earn his money, and he was able to take advantage of the opportunity to make his mark on the music industry.