Desmond and Kristy Scott Net Worth

As of 2020, the Desmond and Kristy Scott net worth is estimated to be around $700,000 to $800,000. The pair earns an impressive amount of money from YouTube channels. They have earned an income of up to $101.3 thousand and $135 thousand per month through their channels.

Both are social media influencers who create content on TikTok and Instagram. Kristy Sarah has over 4.1 million followers on her TikTok account and is also famous on Instagram. Her videos show a fun and witty side of her personality. She has gained fame through her pranks, emojis and aesthetics. She earns a handsome amount of cash from paid partnerships and sponsorships.

The couple have two sons, Westin and Vance. Their marriage took place on August 10, 2014. Before getting married, they were dating for six months. Although they met in person, they had initially started out as strangers who were talking on the phone. However, they grew closer after meeting each other. Since their relationship began, they have been enjoying a very close friendship.

According to some sources, they met at a movie. However, others claim they met when an outsider tapped their phones to communicate. During their dating period, the pair became close and they decided to get engaged. When the pair finally got married, they were 19 years old. In their wedding, Kristy wore a strapless gown with an embroidered design and Desmond wore a grey tuxedo.

Despite being married, the couple have not given their relationship a wiki-bio. However, their wedding photos are available on their official Instagram account. They will celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary in 2022.

Aside from being an entrepreneur and a filmmaker, Kristy Sarah has also become a model. Her love for fashion has developed throughout her life. While she was a student, she changed her major from information technology to social media. It is assumed that she had a wonderful childhood and that her parents helped her learn the ropes of modeling.

Kristy and Desmond have had a great life together. Despite their busy schedules, the couple make time for their family. For instance, they enjoy watching their kids play. Also, they love to travel. Besides that, the couple has a big fan base on social media. With a large number of fans on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, they get huge sponsorship packages. Currently, the couple are based in Houston, Texas.

The pair’s net worth is expected to increase as they continue to grow in popularity. Their joint TikTok channel, Itsthescotts, has a large audience and is the second most popular TikTok account. Moreover, the pair has a joint Youtube channel. Their channel has 978 thousand subscribers as of April 18, 2022. Having a large audience and a lucrative career on TikTok have contributed to their considerable amount of wealth.

Despite their whirlwind romance, the couple continues to be loyal to each other and have stayed together for five years. Throughout the years, they have traveled around the world. On August 10, 2014, they tied the knot in Houston, Texas.