Destene and Brandon Net Worth

TikTok star Destene Polidore and husband Brandon Davis have a combined net worth of $1.1 billion. You’ll also find that the two of them have been married for more than a decade. While they haven’t shared their names with the public, they have been coy about their children.

They have been known to make paid collaborations with various brands, and there’s no doubt that they are a tight group. The aforementioned duo have been in the business long enough to know a thing or two about the finer things in life. Having said that, this doesn’t mean they are confined to the boardroom. On a more personal level, they are a down to earth couple. Keeping that in mind, let’s explore their illustrious accomplishments. From the TikTok juggernaut to the sexiest spouse you’ll ever meet, these two have been through it all and are still standing tall. If you’re in the market for a new partner, you won’t have to look too far to find them. With that in mind, if you are looking to tack on some bling to your bauble obsession, they’ve got you covered. After all, who doesn’t want to impress their spouse, right?

A little bit of digging and you’ll also unearth that they have a large number of fans. Some have been known to be a little snobby, but this is the exception and not the rule. Having said that, they are a happy and healthy couple who aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Hopefully, that will last the test of time.