Deuce McAllister Net Worth

Deuce McAllister is a former professional football player who had a successful career in the NFL. He was a member of the New Orleans Saints for nine years. His total rushing yardage in the NFL was 6,096. In addition, he had 49 rushing touchdowns.

After his playing days, Deuce McAllister became an athlete consultant and worked as a color commentator for the Saints on WWL (AM). He also owns a number of businesses, including the Catch 22 Foundation, which helps impoverished children in Gulf South. Throughout his career, he has also been a fan favorite.

At the time of his retirement from the National Football League in 2009, Deuce McAllister was earning an average of $1152,500 per season. However, he was forced to give up his job after facing some salary cap problems. It was also reported that McAllister had lost millions of dollars over several businesses.

The former football player was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the 2001 NFL Draft. During his playing career, he was selected to two Pro Bowls and he had a Super Bowl ring. Despite being released by the team, Deuce McAllister was awarded the Super Bowl ring. This gave him a great deal of recognition. During his career, he was a Parade magazine All-American and an SEC Player of the Year.

Several of the NFL players have had their net worth cut down by failed businesses and failed ventures. Many of these former athletes have lost millions of dollars. Although Deuce McAllister was not one of them, he is not the only one who has faced similar troubles. Other examples include Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.

Deuce McAllister started his football career in high school. He then attended the University of Mississippi and had a very successful college football career. He set many school records and was selected for the SEC Player of the Year in 2000. As a junior, he declared his eligibility for the NFL draft. During his senior year, he was named an All-American by Parade magazine.

When he graduated from the University of Mississippi, he was drafted by the New Orleans Saints. During his career with the Saints, he was a member of two Pro Bowl teams and was an honorary captain during the playoffs. Despite his retirement, Deuce McAllister’s Super Bowl ring helped him gain a great deal of recognition.

Though he retired from the NFL in 2010, he was still awarded a Super Bowl ring. This gave him added value in his net worth. Additionally, he was still a member of the Saints’ Hall of Fame.

During his career, Deuce McAllister earned tens of millions of dollars in contracts. In 2005, he became the second-highest-paid running back in the league. Despite being a reserve on the team’s Super Bowl XLIV team, he was rewarded with a ring even though he did not play.

Although he had a successful career in the NFL, Deuce McAllister has experienced some financial difficulties since retiring. He had a contract with the Saints that was worth $53.2 million. Nonetheless, he was forced to file for bankruptcy protection in 2009. He has also been sued by Nissan Finance. Moreover, he was accused of defaulting on his car dealership’s payments. Fortunately, a judge ruled in his favor in 2012, forcing the parties to settle the matter.