Devon Rodriguez Net Worth – How Much Is Devon Rodriguez Worth?

Devon Rodriguez is one of the most popular American artists on TikTok. During his career, he has been able to create over 88 videos that have been viewed over 31.7 million times. He is known for his sketches of strangers on the subway, which have gained him millions of followers.

The artist grew up in the Bronx. His father worked as a tattoo artist. At the age of eight, he began doing graffiti. After his father left, he moved back to his grandmother’s house in the South Bronx. However, he found that the cousins made fun of him. So he decided to move to Miami. When he reached thirteen, he was arrested. As a result, he changed his focus to portraits.

Devon’s art teacher helped him to get accepted to a prestigious school. Despite his rough upbringing, he has managed to succeed. In fact, he has been ranked #4 on TikTok’s “Rising Superstar Creators” list. And his work has appeared in publications such as News Week, The New Yorker and TimeOut.

Devon’s most popular video on YouTube has gained 51.7 million views. This led to his name being included on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. His profile was also featured in News Week, Daily Mail, and TimeOut. His work has also been published in The New Yorker and The Artist’s Magazine.

Devon’s drawings have also become the basis for partnerships with brands. For instance, the artist has signed up with UTA, which will help him to expand his social presence and grow collaborations with brands.

While his work is primarily focused on portraits of ordinary people, he has created a variety of other artworks. One of his most recent works, Girl on Subway (2021), sold for $22,680. This was three times its high estimate.

Besides TikTok, Rodriguez also has an account on Instagram. Approximately two million of his followers follow him on the social platform. Throughout the years, the artist has also posted timelapse and viral videos on the platform. These have received 50,000 to 120,000 likes.

Several of his works have been auctioned, including Girl on Subway and the likeness of Bella Poarch. In addition, he has been recognized for painting portraits of sculptor John Ahearn. Also, he has been a finalist for the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition.

Devon’s estimated net worth is $710,000. This amount is estimated based on various online sources. It is unclear whether the artist has any other sources of income. Nevertheless, he has already updated his house and cars.

If you’re interested in finding out Devon’s net worth, you can check out official sites such as the ones provided by Net Worth Spot. You’ll be able to get more detailed information about his earnings, including how much he pays for sponsored content.

Aside from his fame on TikTok, Rodriguez is also famous for his portraits of the everyday people who ride the subway. Many of his drawings have received thousands of likes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so they’re often able to earn him sponsorships.