Diane Venora Net Worth – How Much Is Diane Venora Worth?

Diane Venora is a stage and film actress who was born in East Hartford, Connecticut, U.S. She is the daughter of Italian-American parents. A graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music and the Juilliard School in New York, she has appeared in various films and plays.

When she was younger, she was an active participant in theatrical activities at school. At age fourteen, she was awarded a scholarship to attend the Juilliard School in New York City. The first on-screen appearance she made was as Melanie in the 1980 television short, Getting There. During her time at the theater, she also performed in Shakespearean plays.

After a two-year stint at the Juilliard School, Venora became an accomplished student. She then began studying music at the conservatory. By the time she finished, she had a music degree from the school.

In 1981, she made her film debut in Wolfen, starring Albert Finney. Later, she earned a New York Film Critics Circle Award for her performance in Clint Eastwood’s Bird, based on the life of jazz great Charlie Parker. Her other movies include Romeo+Juliet, Heat, The Jackal, The Cotton Club, and The Insider. Among her numerous roles, Venora has starred as the female lead in “Hamlet” at the New York Shakespeare Festival.

While Venora is best known for her acting in stage plays, she has also starred in a number of movies. Her most popular performances have been in the 1990s. These films include Thunder Alley, Romeo+Juliet, The Jackal, The Cotton Club, Heat, and The Insider. Other notable movie credits include Megiddo: Omega Code 2, Three Wishes, and The Young Girl and the Monsoon.

Throughout her career, Venora has performed with people of all ages and has been active in cultural and theatrical activities. In addition to her work on the stage, she has taught disadvantaged children in New York. She has worked with children as young as six years old. Eventually, she decided to take a five-year break to raise her daughter. However, she has returned to the entertainment industry.

Despite her success, Venora has continued to be a modest person, preferring to live a modest lifestyle. As a child, she studied at East Hartford High School, and later, she graduated from the Juilliard School in New York. During her high school years, she participated in the drama club. Eventually, she became a member of the Drama Department’s Group 6.

After leaving school, she attended the Boston Conservatory of Music for two years. It was there that she met Andrzej Bartkowiak, a Polish cameraman and film producer. They married in 1980. Several years later, they divorced. Their daughter, Madzia, is also a film and theatre actress, having appeared in several productions of “Hamlet.”

Diane Venora has been divorced from her husband, John Venora, in 1989. However, she has never been spotted with anyone else after the split. With her impressive acting career, she has earned a net worth between $3 million and $5 million.